Madison Street Capital’s Positive Reputation Won’t Stop Growing

Madison Street Capital reputation is on the increase by impressing all aspects of the business industry. They specialize in providing expert financial advice to a variety of businesses and their employees all over the globe. Madison Street Capital was co-founded by Anthony Marsala, who won the 40 Under Forty award from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. He’s been showing success in the industry for over 14 years accompanied by a Masters Degree.


In the summer of 2016 MSC received multiple awards that applauded their efforts with mergers, admirable financing, and acquisition or restructuring deals. January of 2017, in competition against over 200 other companies, they were awarded the Turnaround Award which praises their success in restructuring deal valued below a whopping $25 million dollars. In the early portion of 2017 MSC had the opportunity to assist with merging DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. They will be working together to help improve a variety of software support and analysis assistance. Shortly thereafter they were appointed the sole advisor for ARES Security Corporation to assist with an expenditure related to subordinated debt and minority recapitalization.


MSC also values the wellbeing of people around the globe; in 2011 they donated a considerable amount of funds towards the disasters caused by weather on the Eastern and Midwestern portion of the US. Their funds were mostly contributed to responsible nonprofits like the American Red Cross and United Way.


MSC has been working with a variety of industries providing expert advice and guidance since 2005. Through years of hard work and determination, they have come to understand the unique needs and demands of each individual client. They service their clients as a middle market investment banking firm and have the ability to provide financing options, valuation for financial reporting, business valuations, and corporate advice.


MSC has proven they have what it takes to provide the finest merger and acquisition advisory services available. Their first step in providing first-class service is by taking the time to truly understand the value of the company they will be working with. By taking time out to understand their client they are better able to create an accurate definition of the company’s current state and all the future opportunities that will lay ahead.


Offices are located in North America, Africa, and Asia; this allows MSC to provide valuation services both domestically and internationally. They are well versed in independence as well, which sets them far apart from other businesses in their industry.


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Cotemar Provides Optimum Petroleum Drilling Services

Cotemar is a subcontractor for multinational petroleum corporations, employing personnel in verticals as diverse as food service and housing, and other services tailored towards their contractors needs. In addition to their human capital, they also provide seagoing vessels to improve the efficiency of their partners, like diving and cleaning ships.

Employment estimates are season, but traditionally Cotemar is a mid-to-large sized company, with 5000+ employees. Cotemar’s fleet includes stationary rigs for offshore drilling and the improvements thereof, transportation to and from these locations, as well as cleaning services.

As such, Cotemar is a private contractor of the Pemex Corporation, a Mexican state-run consolidated oil enterprise. In addition to a bevy of employment options for blue collar jobs, Cotemar offers both skilled architectural and white collar jobs, like financial assistant and human capital resources. Employees in middle management report a good outlook for their firm, and traditionally approve of the management’s choices.

While Cotemar is less known outside of Mexico, it is competitive and comparable in size and scale to many well-known firms within the industry, such as Valero and Chesapeake Energy. Like most multinational companies, Cotemar follows a strict code of ethics and corporate responsibility tenets, as well as philanthropic outreach within the locale which Cotemar resides. Learn more about Cotemar: and

According to employee reports, compensation packages are commensurate or higher with positions offered elsewhere in Mexico, with a lower cost of living. Cotemar representatives are available at worldwide conferences to do discuss subcontracting needs for the petroleum engineering industry, or their need for new employees searching for work in the field.

All in all, Cotemar is a subcontractor that does it all, from constructing entire drilling platforms and then providing continuous care of these facilities, as well as employees to maintain and service the rigs once built. Cotemar takes care of resupply chains, emergency services, repairs and every aspect of each project’s individualized needs. As such, it is a turnkey operation division of the large Pemex corporation, despite not being directly affiliated.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund: Advocating for Civil, Migrant, and Human Rights

On October 18, 2007, Jim and Michael were arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The two are the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media co-founders. Sheriff Arpaio arrested them in the middle of the night and detained for bringing to light the existence of grand jury proceedings seeking reporters’ notes on articles covering the sheriff.

Additionally, subpoenas were demanding the identity of citizens who read stories about the sheriff on New Times. The two journalists sued the county and won their case at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

They were awarded a $3.75 million settlement which they have set aside to fund migrants’ rights organizations in Arizona through their fund, the Lacey, and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Justice for Immigrants & Families Project (JIF)

One of the organizations funded by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is the Justice for Immigrants & Families Project (JIF). This organization is a project of the Phoenix Legal Action Network which is made up of pro bono attorneys who offer their services to protect the rights of immigrants, racial minorities, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and religious minorities.

They do so by advocating for freedom of speech, criminal justice reform, police accountability and voting rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

JIF is committed to providing immigrants with legal services because the presence of a lawyer more often than not results in a dispositive outcome in immigration cases. This is pegged on the fact that the chances of a non-detained immigrant winning relief from deportation go up by five times if he/she has access to attorney services.

Before its formation, there was no organization offering free legal services to non-detained immigrants in Maricopa County, Arizona. The formation of JIF is timely given the heightened implementation of the latest Executive Orders on immigration by the Trump administration.

Services Offered by JIF

Given that Arizona hosts up to 325,000 undocumented individuals, JIF provides and promotes access to justice for immigrants in Maricopa County. The aim and goal of the organization are ensuring that the immigration status of an individual is not a hindrance to their access to social and economic opportunities. The organization does this by offering various services. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

It represents immigrants in removal proceedings by referring their cases to pro bono lawyers and also conducts group workshops and “know your rights” orientation sessions for these individuals.

Additionally, JIF provides immigrants with legal consultations and gives them access to self-help legal guides. For efficiency and effectiveness in its efforts, JIF works in collaboration with other community organizations involved in empowering immigrants and providing them with support.

Doe Deere Does Morning Right

Doe Deere is a highly successful female entrepreneur who was able to start her dream business. Doe Deere immigrated to the United States from Russia when she was a teenager. Doe Deere knew that she wanted to get into fashion, so she started her own clothing line after she graduated college. Deere was able to model her clothes and she made good sales on eBay. Deere realized that there was something more that she wanted to do. Since she was always into makeup, Deere started to mix and match makeup to create her own bright and pigmented colors. Doe Deere got encouragement from many people to start her own makeup line. Deere was able to to start Lime Crime cosmetics with a very small budget.


Now, Lime Crime cosmetics is one of the most popular cosmetic lines, and Doe Deere is a huge success in the makeup industry and beyond. Doe Deere talked to Savoir Flair about her morning routine. Since a morning routine has a huge impact on a person’s daily life, Doe Deere tries to keep a healthy morning routine for herself. Doe Deere generally wakes up at 8:30 every day without an alarm clock. It is a pattern that she has set for herself.


Doe Deere is an individual who does not like to exercise much, but she makes it a habit to do her stretches every morning before she starts her day. After she does her stretches, Deere goes into her kitchen to contemplate her morning. Deere makes herself breakfast which generally includes hot cereal, yogurt and some fruit. Doe Deere tries to lay off of her electronic devices during the first part of her morning, but because she is a businesswoman, at times there are things that she has to check up on.


Doe Deere next goes to wash her face and sh does her makeup. Deere generally uses a mixture of her favorite cleansers and moisturizers to get her face ready to put on her makeup. The makeup application is her favorite part of the day. It is the only time when she can spend time alone and take care of her face. After finishing her makeup, Doe Deere gets ready to go to work. Generally, Doe Deere walks into work in the afternoon, and she has meetings with her team. Deere has been able to establish an incredible relaxing routine for herself because she worked hard to get her business to a place where it can move on its own.


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Cotemar – the Best Service and Product Provider to Gas and Oil Companies in Mexico

Cotemar S.A is an important company based in Mexico and focuses on providing products and services to Oil and Gas industry. The company is committed to generating new business opportunities and integration of people talents. Cotemar was started in 1979 and is headquartered in Ciudad Carmen Campeche, Mexico.


Among the services provided by Cotemar Company are offshore maintenance, offshore construction, using specialized vessels, and providing quality safety services. The company provides services under three broad categories.


The first category is in construction, maintenance of modern developments. The company tries to be innovative according to the client’s needs. They do offshore installations right from initiation to commissioning of the projects. The company achieves this through its semi-submersible, dynamic and positioning platforms that can move quickly from one complex to another.


Secondly, Cotemar Company provides Specialized Marine Support Boats that offer transportation of personnel and light materials. They also transport Oil and liquids extracted from platforms. Their firefighting vessels and tow ships transport large structures that are needed for exploitation of hydrocarbons. These vessels are installed with inspection and monitoring gadgets and personnel so as to ensure maximum safety.


The third category of service provided by Cotemar is Food and Lodging Services in the ships, boats and all platforms they provide. In each stateroom of the platforms, services of food preparation, laundry, and ironing are provided.


Cotemar conducts all its marine operations within strict regulatory and management control. The company is ISO certified and ensures quality management of the products and services they offer. The company procures from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) therefore maintaining high standards.


The company adheres to the international code of protection of Ships and port facilities, which is a requirement by all maritime organizations for establishing a cooperation framework for detecting threats so that they take preventive measures.


Working for Cotemar is golden lifetime chance. The company recognizes that its employees are human beings and treat them with respect. The company values integrity and innovation. They give employees a chance to express their views and give insights on how to advance.


Cotemar offers a lifetime opportunity of spending in the water enjoying every day’s breeze. The company also provides its workers with food and lodging. The employees are given time to relax and have a scenic view of the ocean and the natural world. The company recruits people with best skills without any discrimination. They take care of all the medical checkups before some are recruited.


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Securus Technologies – Leading Inmate Communications Company

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of criminal justice and civil technology solutions. It is geared towards creating a safe environment and communications services for correctional facility staff and inmates. They are stationed in Dallas, Texas but have several regional offices in Texas and Georgia. They have many other offices located throughout North America.  The company was founded in 1986 and employs approximately 1,000 people. They hold approximately 2,600 contracts and have recently announced that they have invested more than $600 million in technology, patents and certain acquisitions within several years. Their Managed Access Solutions, which is a system that controls contraband cell phones, has received the approval of more than five Department of Corrections facilities. They currently partnered with Harris Corporation in July of 2016 to announce “Cell Defender” technology.


There have been a lot of formal letters and email communications that have represented the company in a positive light. It has helped keep society, inmates and their families safer, by providing top of the line secure technology that has helped solve many mysteries within prison doors. Many officials are able to utilize the information that is received from the company and obtain necessary details within each case. It has also helped keep the lines of communication open between inmates and their family members, which can pose as an important part of being incarcerated. Securus Technologies is proud to provide the best line of communications and services across North America. They continue to upgrade their technology base and provide optimal services to each customer. They continue to provide exceptional public safety relations and continue to revolutionize the incarceration environment.


What does DAMAC group do? What kinds of properties do they work with? Where are they located? Briefly, discuss their history

Hussain Sajwani is the CEO and chairperson of DAMAC Properties. He established the company in 2002 with the aim of solving the housing crisis and enhancing luxury in real estate in Dubai and other nations. Since its founding, DAMAC Properties has recorded multiple achievements leading to its massive growth.

The main aim that led Hussain Sajwani to launch DAMAC Properties was to make it the leading developer of luxury real estate apartments and to compete effectively with other companies. The company strives every day to ensure that all their clients have dream homes that are comfortable for their family members and friends.

History of DAMAC Properties

It is part of the great DAMAC Group that was founded in 1992 by an intelligent business person and philanthropist Hussain Sajwani. DAMAC Properties started its operations in 2002. In December 2013, DAMAC got listed on the LSE, which is the London Stock Exchange. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

. After operating for several years, DAMAC Properties got listed on the DFM (Dubai Financial Market) on 12th January 2015. Hussain Sajwani, its Chairman, was happy because of this achievement.

The Projects of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani boasts many accomplishments of the company. Some of its commercial and residential projects located in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Dubai have won numerous awards. DAMAC Hills, located in Dubailand, is among the best golf community developments in the world.

Apart from investing in real estate, DAMAC Properties has numerous investments in the field of hospitality. The company owns the DAMAC Hotels and Resorts. These are luxury services villas, restaurants, and hotel apartment complexes. They are under many brands, including the AYKON Hotels and Resorts and DAMAC Maison Royale Hotels and Resorts.

The renowned investor, Hussain Sajwani continues to invest in other nations, including in the United Kingdom and the USA. He has signed multiple deals with the United States of America President, Donald J. Trump, and other leaders. They have attractive hotels and apartments in Dubai.

The Career of Businessman and Entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani

DAMAC Properties develops residential properties. It is in the business of developing commercial properties as well. It is a private entity that was founded by Sajwani Hussain. DAMAC Properties’ business is based in Dubai. Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

The company also has a presence in states such as Jordan and Lebanon. The company also has roots in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The company deals offer a complete package: acquisition of land, construction and sale of property. It can therefore buy property, develop and then sell it for its clients.

Giving Back

Hussain Sajwani family has a heart for charity and philanthropy. In the not so distant past, he donated a two million cheque to a campaign that was working towards the clothing of a million poor children. This campaign enjoys the partnership of Emirates’ Red Cresent: established in 1983. Presently the campaign has been able to raise AED 120 million. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

With the contribution made by Sajwani, 50,000 children from humble backgrounds will be clothed.

It is the liberating decree by the Government of Dubai, allowing foreigners to own property, which encouraged Sajwani to start DAMAC Properties. Hussan’s success in the real estate sector saw him do business with Donald Trump: the President of USA. DAMAC build for Trump two golf courses. In February 2017, DAMAC completed the first golf course. The second one, Tiger Woods’ design, is hopefully expected to open towards 2018 end.

The Damac owner was not always in the property business. His initial business investment was in food service and hotels. He still likes to keep the hotel business dream alive, but is more prominent for his real estate prowess.

After Trump succeeded to the American Presidency, Hussan Sajwani offered him a $2 billion real estate deal which The President had to politely decline. Many indicated that it would have been unethical for the President to accept this offer.

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere: An Inspiration To Many Women

To Lime Crime cosmetics founder Doe Deere, the brightly colored makeup her company produces represents freedom of expression to her and many others. It’s a symbol of being able to show your colorful self without worrying about how others will judge you. That’s one of the reasons the cosmetics line has been such a big hit. Doe Deere has combined the lessons she’s learned about marketing and style from her careers in fashion and music to help the company succeed. After having lived in New York for 14 years, Doe Deere knows about the power and beauty of making bold fashion statements.


When she wanted to be a fashion designer and models, she studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. When she wanted to be a rock star, she formed a band, recorded albums and did countless shows. When she needed bold, brightly colored makeup and she couldn’t find it, Doe Deere learned how to make it and produced the makeup she wanted herself. The visitors to her online makeup tutorial loved the colors and convinced her to begin marketing the makeup. That’s how Lime Crime cosmetics came into existence.


But marketing played a major role in the company’s success. Doe Deere had learned the importance of marketing when she was selling temporary tattoos to her classmates as a schoolgirl in Russia. She also had a talent for internet marketing and she used it to take Lime Crime to an international audience. And the results have been spectacular. Lime Crime has helped millions of people give expression to their colorful inner selves. The colorful Lime Crime makeup has sparked a movement and helped to give people the tools and inspiration they needed to make a bold, neon-bright fashion statement.


And Doe Deere supports them any way she can. She gives talks on female entrepreneurship all over the country. She also encourages women to contact her for guidance in starting their own companies. She tells them to follow their hearts and make their dreams a reality. It’s a message that resonates with women all over the world and has motivated many of them to live their dreams and believe in themselves.


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What George Soros Wants To Do Next

The Smear Campaign Of The Right

The Right has tried to portray George Soros as some sort of super villain for year.s They have claimed he has plans for world domination and they have accused him of trying to undermine the American way of life by promoting progressive policies. These criticisms would have led many others to simply avoid politics altogether, but Soros has decided he wants to continue to fight for the Left. He even understands everything that he needs to do may not always be agreed with, but someone needs to do it.

What He Plans To Do About It

George Soros has currently stated that his goal is to give the American Left and the European Left help themselves fight against the recent gains that have allowed the Right to return to power. So far, he isn’t alone in this sentiment and there are many out there who would like to follow his example and place themselves in a position to help with these causes. Beyond his own efforts to make things better he has also given his opinion on Trump and what he believes need to be done to make sure that Trump does not undo the progressive legacy.

His Thoughts On Donald Trump

Donald Trump and George Soros do not see eye to eye on so many issues. Soros has compared Donald Trump to fascists from the early 20th century and wants to do what he can to stop his agenda. So far, he has managed to do exactly what he can to stop Trump, but there still a long road ahead. Read this story about George at

He Continues To Fight To This Day

George Soros continues to fight against Donald Trump with the help of Democrats. To aid him in his quest he also looking for the help of donors who want to support his cause. This isn’t an easy fight he’s preparing for, but it is one of the most important he’s going to be fighting for years to come. George Soros wants to make sure that the progress he’s fought for doesn’t fade away. This is the first step towards doing so.

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About George Soros

George Soros has done just about everything he can to promote open societies and social justice across the world. His plans have often put him at odds with others who oppose these goals, but he continues to pursue them and has made concerted efforts to encourage others to follow suit. Thanks to his efforts you can find countless examples of people lifting themselves out of poverty across the world. He continues to do so despite the personal challenges that he often seems to experience.

Read his profile at Forbes.