How the U.S Money Reserve Engages in Gold Trading.

The U.S Money Reserve is a dependable firm the deals with the distribution of platinum, silver, and gold that is offered by the U.S government. It has been running its business since 1991, and its head offices are based in Dallas, Texas. The products and services of the enterprise are essential to individuals who wish to diversify their investment portfolio by owning the precious metals. U.S Money Reserve has transacted business with hundreds of thousands of clients since it was established. Its administration is led by Philip Diehl, who is has been in the industry for several years, and therefore, is highly experienced. He was one of the most successful directors of the U.S Mint. Mr. Diehl is committed to offering the best services to the clients, and this has led to the company being ranked as one of the industry leaders.


The primary commodity that the U.S Money Reserve offers is Gold coins. It has been ensuring that clients get the best products. The company has developed a program that facilitates both U.S citizens and foreigners to possess gold as one of the best ways of storing wealth. It is served by competent employees who are well informed about the sector. The firm’s numismatics and coin research professionals assist clients to acquire the most profitable products. The company has developed healthy relationships with customers and stakeholders of the sector.


Gold is one of the world’s most values metals, and its worth has been high for several centuries. Its stability makes it a reliable way that can be used in storing wealth for future use. The quantity of the commodity that is circulating across the globe is limited, and therefore, it can barely be inflated. If an individual could trade his or her kilogram of gold for a piece of land 1990, he or she can still trade it for the same piece of land in 2017. This is unlike money which gets affected by inflation and losses value.


The worth of gold is also not determined by various changes that occur in the stock market. It raises and lowers independently. This feature makes to one of the most suitable ways that can be used by people in storing wealth and also maintaining their purchasing power when the economy is down.

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U.S. Money Reserve CEO, Angela Koch Discusses Leadership, Culture and KPIs

How Sweetgreen Is Defining The Future Of Fast Food

The Georgetown Surprise

After graduating fro Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru wanted to start his own business. With the help of his college buddies he created Sweetgreen. Focusing on providing customers with healthy but quickly prepared food, Sweetgreen took off as an overnight success. Today, there are Sweetgreen franchise locations in more than 40 places in America. The future of fast food is here, and it is healthier and more nutritious than anyone would have imagined.



The Green Revolution In Food

The core of Sweetgreen is providing customers with the healthiest food possible. There is a serious health epidemic in America today and the fast food industry is playing an unfortunately large part. Ru wants to change this by changing the way we think of fast food.  Nathaniel Ru didn’t create Sweetgreen for the purpose of generating the greatest profit. He wanted to head a revolution in the way we think of our food.



Fighting For A Bigger Cause

An extension of his ambitions for Sweetgreen are found in the Sweetlife music festival. At this event, customers of Sweetgreen can enjoy their favorite music and help fight important social causes. Millennials are one of the most socially conscious generations America has seen in decades. Millennials participate in philanthropy at a rate far greater than past generations and allow this to leak into other areas of their life. Ru is himself a Millennial and naturally reflects these values in the way he operates his business. Millennials have already changed so much about our society and this isn’t an exception to that rule.



Millennials Are Shaping The Future

The work Nathaniel Ru is doing at Sweetgreen is changing the way America thinks of fast food. This isn’t one of the easiest ambitions he could’ve picked after college, but it is one of the most pithy. From the revenue Sweetgreen produces it looks as if this is paying off. Sweetgreen has generated nearly $100 million in revenue over the course of its 10 year life thanks to the interest investors have taken in promoting the franchise. The Georgetown School of Business is well known for the success stories it tends to produce. Nathaniel Ru embodies everything the university teaches.


Securus Corrects Inaccuracies in Global Tel Link’s (GTL) Press Release

Securus Technologies is one of the most proficient providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions in the United States. The company, through their mission, has worked to improve investigations, public safety, and monitoring. According to a recent medical release, the company has issued numerous corrections to GTL in a press release.


According to the company, GTL has press releases which contain various statements which are inaccurate and misleading, for this reason, Securus Technologies is working to have them corrected in the correct procedure. Because Securus finds this statements clearly misleading in the eyes of many, they have sought to have the rectified in the most populous way.


As a matter of fact, this legal procedure will consume millions of dollars to work. Moreover, it will also take many years to have the court case determined. As a result, we will work to question the credibility of the company to work on the legal issues affecting the company in the best possible ways. When it comes to the best interests of the company, Securus is worried about the decision the company has made over the litigation if it has any sense concerning time and money. For the sake of good financial practices, the company is very much willing to drop the court case and follow the best legal procedures to have their cases dropped.


Richard A. Smith, in response to the press release issued by GTL, said that he would be extremely happy if the company worked to reinstitute their technology concerning their GTL bake-off challenge at the end of the season. For what we are doing, we are very much delighted to have the company work towards sustainability.

Mike Heiligenstein Develops Smart Roads in Williamson

Effects of Technology to Roads in Austin Texas



The world depends on good roads and infrastructure for business and development. Although most transport discussions in Austin capitalize only on the city, this discussion took a different toll this time. The meeting was held at Sheraton Georgetown Hotel in Texas. The Growth Summit of Williamson County addressed the transport issues faced by the urban communities. The board meeting comprised of some of the county’s officials; Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director of Regional Mobility Authority in Texas, Joseph Kosper, Head of Uber Technologies, Leandre Johns, Head of External Affairs in Texas and Jared Ficklin, in charge of Argo Designs. Jared is a guru in design, and he developed a transport system focused on the aerial gondola for Central Texas.



 Development of Smart Roads



Mike Heiligenstein noted that in addition to ridesharing applications, modern technology like driverless vehicles will in future have a radical impact on the transport system, infrastructure, and roads. The town needs to put more resources into developing it transportation ability majorly by developing additional extra roads. According to him, smart roads are the only way to providing urban city occupants with good transportation in Williamson Texas. Although the County of Williamson has substantially invested in the structuring of roads and infrastructure in the past 15 years, the population of the county keeps on growing. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the county officials to develop smarter corridors and roads for the safety and efficiency of the occupants.



Policy Makers Implement Modern Roads



According to Alan McGraw the Mayor of Austin Texas, policy makers need to prepare strategies for the smart road implementation for the future. Developing land use codes would ensure flexibility. The presence of autonomous cars demands smart and reliable roads including garages and parking lots. The future of Austin Texas holds new modern roads with parking garages of approximately five feet tall, with several charging stations and service stations on a different level, a bill which does not fit into any modern building code.



About The Mobility Authority



Established in 2002, Regional Mobility Authority of Central Texas is an autonomous government agency founded to better the transport structure in Williamson County. The company’s objective is to develop and execute innovative transport solutions to reduce congestion while creating transportation choices for better lives and economic vitality.



 About Mike Heiligenstein



Mike has a distinguished career in the growth and expansion of infrastructure in Texas. He is the current head of Regional Mobility Authority in Texas. He was appointed as the head in 2003 and has since represented the occupants of Texas for over 23 years.

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Assisting the Russian People Through Education

Alexei Beltyukov is a top businessperson who has achieved a lot in his entrepreneurship career. He is Russian and has been appreciated for his significant philanthropy towards the people of his country.

He is an alumnus of the France-based INSTEAD University. Alexei graduated from the institution in 1997 with a master’s degree, and he is one of the few Russians who has studied there. The entrepreneur has been dedicated to offering bursaries to Russian citizens at the university through the INSTEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship. Mr. Beltyukov’s first profession was in the medical sector, but passion drove him to be an entrepreneur.

In 2013, he started a company that offers supportive funding to Russian enterprises, and its name was Endemic Capital. He worked as the managing associate of the business.

In 2006, Beltyukov started venturing into the utilization of natural gas in different industries, and he created New Gas Technologies. He later established A-Ventures Limited, which offered monetary help to unstable companies in Russia since 2007.

According to All Business, Alexei Beltyukov was managing partner of the firm until when he sold it in 2014. He is currently known as an observer of FORO’s board. FORO’s primary business is to commercialize power laser to be used in geothermal industries, mining, oil, and natural gas.

Mr. Beltyukov is also the proprietor of SOLVY. He launched the firm in February 2005, and he has been serving as its chief operating officer. The primary mission of the enterprise is to simplify the learning process for the students in Russia by making subjects such as mathematics easier to understand. SOLVY operates online, and it offers a suitable platform for teachers to interact with their students.

The Russian government offered Alexei Beltyukov a job in January 2011 to serve as the deputy president of the Skolkovo Foundation. He has been an outstanding economic counselor to the government. During his administration, the organization has been able to offer more than 12,700 jobs.

One Of The Founders Of Chain Restaurant Sweetgreen Shares His Story

Sweetgreen is a salad chain that was launched in Washington D.C. in 2007. The now popular salad chain was started by an unlikely group of recent college graduates. One of these is Nathaniel Ru. Mr. Ru serves as one of the two chief executive officers at Sweetgreen. The management model of Sweetgreen is unique. It has two CEOs who oversee company operations in two separate parts of the country.


The business model of Sweetgreen is also unique. Co-founder and co-CEO Nathaniel Ru says that when his chain is looking into expanding into a new area, they take great care in the opening of a store. Mr. Ru states that how Sweetgreen enters a new market is just as important if not more important where they open. Of course, Nat Ru says that they go into demographic analysis and neighborhood analysis.


Sweetgreen says Nathaniel Ru is now increasingly looking at trying to gain weekend and dinner traffic. He says that he wants people to realize that Sweetgreen is not only a healthy lunch option anymore. This should give Sweetgreen an added edge over competitors such as Chipotles and MOD Pizza.


So enough about the business and corporate strategies of Sweetgreen. What is it actually like to be at one? What do they serve? You can describe SweetGreen as a sort of like an Apple retail store, except that it serves food. It is clean, spacious and the team members greet you with a smile on their face. Sweetgreen serves salads that can be customized. As in Chipotles, you approach a buffet of sorts and you custom create your own salad.


A team member guides you through the entire process. Sweetgreen recently changed from a conveyor belt approach, to a single team member guiding the customer from start to finish with their food order. Co-CEO Nathaniel Ru says that this is a more time consuming and laborious process, but it makes the orders more accurate. That is ultimately more important to the customer and Sweetgreen.


Before setting up shop in a new location, Sweetgreen management meets with local farmers in the area. They see what they are growing and try to incorporate it into the salads they will serve to people in the region. Instead of placing special orders, Sweetgreen can use the produce already grown. This drastically cuts costs for Sweetgreen, encourages people to try new vegetables, and helps local farmers stay in business. It is also good for the environment, as incorporating local foods really cuts down on deliveries and the pollution associated with that.