Patty Rocklage Gives Back To Her Community And Makes A Positive Difference

Patty Rocklage has accumulated in excess of twenty years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist. Her work with her clients in the Boston metropolitan area has been responsible for helping them overcome the struggles they are facing. Her style is both inviting and warm and places her clients at ease.

This enables them to place their focus on the changes that require their implementation. Patty Rocklage offers counseling concerning families and marriage to individuals, couples and families to give them the ability to successfully face their challenges.

Patty attended the University of Southern California and graduated in 1981 with a degree in psychology. Her license gives her the ability to practice psychotherapy throughout the state of Massachusetts. During the many years she has worked as a psychotherapist she has gained knowledge, invaluable skills, and experience in building teams, teaching, public speaking, and coaching.

Her skill set is unique to the industry and infused with warmth. This is how she has helped so many clients achieve the personal growth they desired.

Patty Rocklage is a firm believer in her communities importance and participates in numerous community outreach activities. She is dedicated to giving back as much as she can to her community.

Her husband is Dr. Scott Rocklage and together they gave the chemistry department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a major gift in 2016. Their gift enabled the university to perform renovations on the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. The lab is used by Lester Wolfe who is the chemistry professor.

Dr. Scott Rocklage graduated from the university with a Ph.D. in chemistry. The couple live in Sudbury, Massachusetts and Patty Rocklage has built a reputation making her highly regarded and well known.

She is one of the volunteers for the Sudanese Education Fund whose focus is helping individuals who came from Southern Sudan and have moved to Massachusetts find good jobs and achieve educational and financial stability.

Patty is accomplished as a psychotherapist and believes in establishing meaningful connections with her clients. She understands the sensitive natures involved with her clients struggles, maintains the confidentiality they have trusted her with, and helps them in every way possible.

Whitney Wolfe Expands Bumble

Whitney Wolfe the founder and CEO of Bumble App has taken the notch even higher. She has decided to open a trendy physical space in New York in the near future. The pop-up location will be called Hive and it will be installed for a month to allow physical dates. The people who only chatted using Bumble App will now have a chance to finally met. The Hive is open for all people to hang out, soak and relax in the Bumble Brand.

The Hive
The establishment of a physical location is the dating App’s attempt to formalize the community formed by the App over the years. Although in the past dating Apps are considered taboo by many people, Bumble has proven different for it’s not only used for dating but also for friendship and career purposes. In an interview, Whitney Wolfe indicated that the App is something that people are proud to be associated with. The App will also use the physical meetings to expand to Bumble Bizz, which refers to the attempt of the App to expand to business related purposes. The extension will focus on professional advancement, as when people of similar career meet they are able to sort problems that are rampant in their various fields.

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The Hive will be open all around the week for couples to meet and friends to stop by. The site will also have events that are focused on female entrepreneurship and relationships among other topics. Forbes will host a mentor section that will allow people to mingle. Drybar will also hold style sessions.

About Whitney Wolfe
Focus and determination are Whitney Wolfe’s middle names. She thrives in excellence. Whitney Wolfe has been named top thirty under 30 in many lists, among them Forbes and Business Insider. Albeit Whitney Wolfe is young, she focuses on settling the female issues in the society.

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Madison Street Capital’s Positive Reputation Won’t Stop Growing

Madison Street Capital reputation is on the increase by impressing all aspects of the business industry. They specialize in providing expert financial advice to a variety of businesses and their employees all over the globe. Madison Street Capital was co-founded by Anthony Marsala, who won the 40 Under Forty award from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. He’s been showing success in the industry for over 14 years accompanied by a Masters Degree.


In the summer of 2016 MSC received multiple awards that applauded their efforts with mergers, admirable financing, and acquisition or restructuring deals. January of 2017, in competition against over 200 other companies, they were awarded the Turnaround Award which praises their success in restructuring deal valued below a whopping $25 million dollars. In the early portion of 2017 MSC had the opportunity to assist with merging DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. They will be working together to help improve a variety of software support and analysis assistance. Shortly thereafter they were appointed the sole advisor for ARES Security Corporation to assist with an expenditure related to subordinated debt and minority recapitalization.


MSC also values the wellbeing of people around the globe; in 2011 they donated a considerable amount of funds towards the disasters caused by weather on the Eastern and Midwestern portion of the US. Their funds were mostly contributed to responsible nonprofits like the American Red Cross and United Way.


MSC has been working with a variety of industries providing expert advice and guidance since 2005. Through years of hard work and determination, they have come to understand the unique needs and demands of each individual client. They service their clients as a middle market investment banking firm and have the ability to provide financing options, valuation for financial reporting, business valuations, and corporate advice.


MSC has proven they have what it takes to provide the finest merger and acquisition advisory services available. Their first step in providing first-class service is by taking the time to truly understand the value of the company they will be working with. By taking time out to understand their client they are better able to create an accurate definition of the company’s current state and all the future opportunities that will lay ahead.


Offices are located in North America, Africa, and Asia; this allows MSC to provide valuation services both domestically and internationally. They are well versed in independence as well, which sets them far apart from other businesses in their industry.


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Cotemar Provides Optimum Petroleum Drilling Services

Cotemar is a subcontractor for multinational petroleum corporations, employing personnel in verticals as diverse as food service and housing, and other services tailored towards their contractors needs. In addition to their human capital, they also provide seagoing vessels to improve the efficiency of their partners, like diving and cleaning ships.

Employment estimates are season, but traditionally Cotemar is a mid-to-large sized company, with 5000+ employees. Cotemar’s fleet includes stationary rigs for offshore drilling and the improvements thereof, transportation to and from these locations, as well as cleaning services.

As such, Cotemar is a private contractor of the Pemex Corporation, a Mexican state-run consolidated oil enterprise. In addition to a bevy of employment options for blue collar jobs, Cotemar offers both skilled architectural and white collar jobs, like financial assistant and human capital resources. Employees in middle management report a good outlook for their firm, and traditionally approve of the management’s choices.

While Cotemar is less known outside of Mexico, it is competitive and comparable in size and scale to many well-known firms within the industry, such as Valero and Chesapeake Energy. Like most multinational companies, Cotemar follows a strict code of ethics and corporate responsibility tenets, as well as philanthropic outreach within the locale which Cotemar resides. Learn more about Cotemar: and

According to employee reports, compensation packages are commensurate or higher with positions offered elsewhere in Mexico, with a lower cost of living. Cotemar representatives are available at worldwide conferences to do discuss subcontracting needs for the petroleum engineering industry, or their need for new employees searching for work in the field.

All in all, Cotemar is a subcontractor that does it all, from constructing entire drilling platforms and then providing continuous care of these facilities, as well as employees to maintain and service the rigs once built. Cotemar takes care of resupply chains, emergency services, repairs and every aspect of each project’s individualized needs. As such, it is a turnkey operation division of the large Pemex corporation, despite not being directly affiliated.