Assisting the Russian People Through Education

Alexei Beltyukov is a top businessperson who has achieved a lot in his entrepreneurship career. He is Russian and has been appreciated for his significant philanthropy towards the people of his country.

He is an alumnus of the France-based INSTEAD University. Alexei graduated from the institution in 1997 with a master’s degree, and he is one of the few Russians who has studied there. The entrepreneur has been dedicated to offering bursaries to Russian citizens at the university through the INSTEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship. Mr. Beltyukov’s first profession was in the medical sector, but passion drove him to be an entrepreneur.

In 2013, he started a company that offers supportive funding to Russian enterprises, and its name was Endemic Capital. He worked as the managing associate of the business.

In 2006, Beltyukov started venturing into the utilization of natural gas in different industries, and he created New Gas Technologies. He later established A-Ventures Limited, which offered monetary help to unstable companies in Russia since 2007.

According to All Business, Alexei Beltyukov was managing partner of the firm until when he sold it in 2014. He is currently known as an observer of FORO’s board. FORO’s primary business is to commercialize power laser to be used in geothermal industries, mining, oil, and natural gas.

Mr. Beltyukov is also the proprietor of SOLVY. He launched the firm in February 2005, and he has been serving as its chief operating officer. The primary mission of the enterprise is to simplify the learning process for the students in Russia by making subjects such as mathematics easier to understand. SOLVY operates online, and it offers a suitable platform for teachers to interact with their students.

The Russian government offered Alexei Beltyukov a job in January 2011 to serve as the deputy president of the Skolkovo Foundation. He has been an outstanding economic counselor to the government. During his administration, the organization has been able to offer more than 12,700 jobs.

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