Eric Lefkofsky Dedicated to Making Cancer Treatment More Effective

Everyone knows someone who has fought cancer, almost forty percent of adults in the United States will face a diagnosis of cancer in their lifetime. During 2014 there were approximately fourteen and a half million citizens that had cancer according to the National Cancer Institute. By 2024 that number is expected to increase to over nineteen million. The advances made by Tempus and companies like it make the prognosis better though. Tempus, which Eric Lefkofsky co-cofounded, is leading the way in precision medicine that is data enabled.

Even with the emergence of electronic health records (EHRs) the healthcare industry has not kept up with modern technology. There are holds in the digital technology and collection of data even with the massive amounts of data generated as it is collected there is not a streamlined and effective way to keep the information so that it is used effectively. This is where the impressive goal that Tempus has comes in. The company developed a way to analyze the molecular and clinical data of patients.

The hurdle was affordable and accessible medical and clinical data even though they company could develop analytics software. Tempus also had to overcome the way that information is being collected and stored for cancer patients. It is typically physical notes or progress notes which are difficult to analyze because they are free text fields.

Tempus is making progress at getting all the data from cancer patients records centralized and easily accessible so that the treatments are more effective. Having this data readily available to everyone who treats the cancer patients will make the treatment for effective as it will be easier to see what progress, and side effects where seen from which treatments. There will be genome sequencing combined with the data so that researchers can find better ways to treat cancer and other diseases.

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The Greatness of Bob Reina

The article titled, “Bob Reina, Introduces New Talk Fusion Software That Features WebRTC Technology”, states that Bob Reina announced a computer program that enhances communication between people. Talk Fusion modified their original program called Live Meetings and made it much more sophisticated for the users. Making meetings and online conferences has become much easier and more organized because of Live Meetings. Bob Reina has designed Live Talk so that there is recording technology which does not need a separate download. WebRTC is amazing because it has the power to enhance usage of any computers for anyone.

Talk Fusion opened u in 2007 and ever since then, the have been dedicated to improving the communication between people through their improvements in technology. The idea of Talk Fusion came to Bob Reina in 2004 he couldn’t fit a 10 second video into his AOL email. Bob Reina is a man with many priorities and a very busy work schedule. He wakes up at 5:30 AM everyday and he immediately checks his work email and sets up his schedule for the rest of the day. Bob Reina brings his ideas into fruition by first sharing them with his product developers and then they help him modify it so that it can be brought into real life in an efficient manner.

Bob Reina went to college at the University of South Florida and he had quite a few jobs while he was studying here. He ended up graduating first in his police academy class and after that, he immediately started to get an urge to become an entrepreneur. Bob Reina is very involved in the world of nonprofits ( He supports various nonprofits that take part in helping animals and taking proper care of them. This shows that Bob Reina is a very caring and humble man despite his success because many people that gain success aren’t as willing to donate their time and money to nonprofits as Bob Reina does.




Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solutions Could Have Prevented the Latest Inmate Facebook Contraband Live Video

Securus Technologies is a leading technology solution provider to foster safety in the inmate industry. The company is also expressing their deepest concerns as they join the rest of the country to curse the Facebook Live Video filmed by a contraband mobile phone within a prison facility wall. The three-minute Facebook live video was shot at the Evans Correctional facility.


It is in great dismay that this facility has not adopted the Securus Technologies Wireless Containment Solution that has the capability of stopping any mobile phone from accessing any networks in the inmate facility.


This action would have prevented the live Facebook video from being posted by the 31-year-old Jose Ariel inmate. The shocking thing is that it is not the first time Jose Ariel Rivera is caught using a mobile phone within the prison walls. The Securus Wireless Containment solution is designed to prevent and detect these crimes.


Securus Technologies is a technology firm that supplies technology solutions and products to most of the North American federal and state inmate facilities. The company has over two decades of experience solving the technology problems the inmate industry faces. The company is also leading in the provision of the criminal and civil justice solutions to foster investigation, monitoring, correction, and public safety. Because of the high-end reputation of Securus Technologies, they have attracted their experience towards making the world a safer place as a result of achieved credentials.


Securus Technologies announced to the world that they had secured an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau based in Dallas, Texas. This form of accreditation is always voluntary. This means that companies can seek their accreditation from the transparent Better Business Bureau at free will. All they need to do is to submit themselves to scrutiny and comply with the payment procedures. In the end, the Better Business Bureau will issue a recommendation to be followed to achieve the best ratings. This is the procedure Securus Technologies undertook to receive this accreditation. When the company approached the Better Business Bureau, they had no idea of what they could do to accumulate a new client-based. However, the Better Business Bureau issued recommendations that were followed by Securus Technologies to the latter. Therefore, they achieved the highest accreditation and an A+ rating.


Securus Technologies worked with the Better Business Bureau to meet the required standards concerning trust. This means that they could print and announce the truth to the people without bias. The company also exhibited the greatest form of honest to win the accreditation. This means that they adhered to the selling and advertisement standards laid out by the Better Business Bureau. Because they are also transparent in their activities, it was evident that they could win the race.


Larkin & Lacey Frontera Funds and the Major Civil, Human and Migrant Right Organizations

Many private institutions promote civil, human and migrants rights. These agencies assist people who are victims of discrimination by fighting the common cause hence execute international human rights morals that advocate a civil community and reinforce the rule of law.

Different organizations defend these rights in the United States and globally through legal means as per the laws that govern a given country. However, these groups need funds as they are non-profitable and non-governmental groups which do not have a diplomatic source of money.

One of the groups that support these organizations is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Funds established by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey as the co-founders.

The team originated from Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media where it raises money which gets used to support these organizations that advocate civil, human and migrant’s rights.

The two journalists had written a story about Sheriff Joe Arpaio where they got arrested on October 18th, 2007 on that night at their homes. They had exposed a story about grand jury proceedings that pursued reporter’s notes on reports touching on the sheriff.

The incident raised $3.75 million which make the most of the support to these civil, human and migrant’s rights organizations. Lacey & Larkin Frontera Funds also supports freedom of speech and public involvement all over Arizona and the Mexican border.

Groups That Promote Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

NAACP Legal Defend Fund is an organization fighting for racial justice, and it educates individuals against racism. Founded in 1909, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is among the civil rights organization in the United States acting as a bi-racial institution. It protects persons discriminated through skin color and fights for their rights as citizens of United States.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a United Nations agency that actively fights for migrants and provides refuge for the affected group.

Founded in 1950, UNHCR serves lives and protect the rights of migrants who get considered refugees. They offer homes for the affected and enhance a better future for these people

The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) is an organization that fights for civil rights nationally. It’s devoted to protecting disabled people by safeguarding and improving the rights allocated for them.

It undertakes its mandate through educating, training and promoting civil rights to all people who have contact with disabled persons. Founded in 1979, DREDF serves Berkeley, California, Washington DC in the USA to ensure that all civil rights remain active and functional.

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Celebrities and Citizens Unite to Save DACA

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been advocating for the government to pass a clean Dream At and save DACA as well as the 800 000 people who are under its protection and work and study in the United States.

Because of Trump’s desires to remove immigrants from the States, he forced DACA to close down all operation. His actions sent a wave if outrage to companies, organizations, citizens, and celebrities. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Many if the latter has been using their influence to spread awareness of the issue and advocating for the passing if a clean Dream Act to save the DACA youth and the lives they have built in the United States.

After Trump and his government refused to address the issues that the loss of DACA costs for DREAMers and the country, celebrities turned to another member of the Trump family. Celebrities such as Cara Delevigne, for example, have been instagramming a text addressed to Ivanka Trump, Trump’s daughter, to try and appeal t her to use her influence to change the horrible outcome and save DACA as well as the almost one million people that depend on it.

The initiative prompted millions of other people to reach out to the different members of the Trump family, none of whom have acknowledged any of it.

It is essential to preserve DACA. The 800 000 people that work and study in the U. S. contribute immensely to the GDP of the country. Once they leave, however, the United States will start to experience high monetary losses.

The financial crisis will last at least ten years according to experts before it starts to stabilize even remotely The United States will experience a sharp decrease in GDP which will amount to almost $500 billion according to experts over the next ten years.

There is only one thing that can prevent such a crisis from unfolding, and that is to pass a clean Dreamer Act which will allow those one million people to stay in the U. S. and continue to work and study in the country.

The organization of DACA and its youth need the help of others to appeal to the government and make sure that the law will be passed. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Citizens have been doing demonstrations all around the United States of America to bring awareness to the issue in the hope of more people joining in and preventing the crisis and the destruction of the lives.

Doe Deere: A Pioneer in the Makeup Industry

Doe Deere founder of the cosmetic company Lime Crime was born and raised in Russia. She moved to New York at age 17 and lived there from 1998-2012. She currently lives in Los Angeles. She feels she has always been ambitious and dreamed of being a musician as a child. When she moved to New York she became a musician. After starting out in music she ventured into makeup. Her musical career helped prepare her for a career in makeup. She first got into business at the age of 13 by selling temporary tattoos. She met her husband when they were in the same musical band together.

She says the best advice she can give to young ambitious women is to follow your dreams and take advantage of your unique talents. Her company Lime Crime became very successful because it focused on bright and unusual colors in makeup that were not being produced by other companies. She feels her line of makeup gives women the power to express themselves. She also majored in fashion design in New York which helped her in the makeup industry.

Lime Crime was founded in 2008. The companies vision is to stay true to their core values while making customers happy. The origin of the company actually started on Ebay when Doe Deere opened an account to model her fashion line and overall look. The biggest success for the company was the introduction of liquid-to-matte lipstick. This new makeup doesn’t crumble or transfer. The entire line of makeup is also certified cruelty free with no animal products by Leaping Bunny, one of the most respected certifiers in the business ( The line is also certified by Vegan. In 2014 the company fell prey to a cyber hackers and unfortunately some customer information was stolen. The hack was not due to any negligence by the company, but they still took full responsibility and worked hard to regain their trust. Despite the setback, the company continues to strive and revolutionize the industry.

Doe Deere frequently speaks at events across the country supporting women owned businesses and entrepreneurs. She is passionate about mentoring and offers women to contact her via Instagram for advice.

Meet Dr. Cameron Clokie the CEO of Canada’s Induce Biologics Inc.

Manipulating bones to grow especially in adults seems like an impossibility, but regenerative medicine is capable of it. The field of medicine which is somewhat controversial is improving every single day, and it could soon be appealing to people who currently hold a different view courtesy of their religious beliefs. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

For example, one Canadian doctor—Cameron Clokie—is at an advanced stage of scientific research aimed at the sourcing of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) from an alternative source than cadavers. The protein is at the heart of regenerative medicine. Dr. Clokie’s plans involve nurturing a human gene that produces BMP inside a goat’s body.

As a result, goats will dispense the protein in large quantities through their milk. If Dr. Clokie’s plans materialize, he will be one step ahead of making regenerative medicine widely acceptable.

Who is Dr. Cameron Clokie? He is the go-to professional regarding regenerative medicine. Part of his 30-year career in either in academic dentistry or clinical practice somehow focused on regenerative medicine. Dr. Clokie has authored many peer-reviewed papers touching on regenerative medicine. Read more: Bros Don’t Let Bros Have Bad Breath: Toronto Oral Surgeon Cameron Clokie Helps You Make a Good First Impression

He is frequently invited to conferences both in Canada and abroad to talk about what he is well-versed in, regenerative medicine. Before his retirement earlier in the year, he was a professor at the University of Toronto. He was also the in charge of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the same institution.

Dr. Clokie’s interest in regenerative medicine extends past clinical practice and academics; he is an entrepreneur in the field of medicine.

Besides being a board member or scientific advisor to many companies interested in scientific research, Dr. Clokie has partnered with companies that are willing to commercialize some of his research work. Dr. Clokie’s over 25 patents in the U.S and other parts of the world demonstrates his interest to uncover new helpful findings.

Presently, Dr. Clokie is the president of Induce Biologics Inc. The Canadian based firm has carved a niche for itself as the world’s leading center where innovative solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction are abundant.

Induce Biologics comprises professionals who match up to Dr. Clokie’s expertise in regenerative medicine. The firm is working round the clock to make regenerative medicine more efficient and acceptable.

Sawyer Howitt, Turning Heads In The Business World

At just 17 years old, Sawyer Howitt is already making quite the large splash in the ocean that is entrepreneurial commerce.

He is currently a project manager at the Meriwether Group and despite just getting his career going, he has already overseen many philanthropic organizations.

Sawyer Howitt is one of the rare examples of truly noble and selfless individuals. He is known for freely giving out tips and advice to other burgeoning young entrepreneurs, giving them a leg up with the knowledge he has gained through his own success.

Being born in the year that makes him a ‘Millennial’ has made it a bit rough for him as the stereotype of Millenial laziness is well propagated though based on no fact. It is very easy for young entrepreneurs to be intimidated by the bigger players in the financial world, he is combating this by showing the older professionals that him as well as other Millennials are more than capable of handling the challenges ahead of them.

Many of the young entrepreneurs of today’s age feel that their youth and inexperience makes it a bad move to start a business and this is somewhat true but there comes a point where nothing will be gained by waiting. Sawyer’s advice is to start working your passion right away, whether you need to find an internship or take some online courses to educate yourself.

Being a young entrepreneur like Sawyer Howitt, you may lack the workplace experience of the older age groups but what is lacking in experience is almost always made up for with energy and excitement to learn something new. Younger people also have a financial advantage over the older generation as they have no families to support and no overhanging mortgages, giving them a greater level of financial freedom.

According to, self-confidence is key as many people will easily and readily dismiss you based on your lack of experience and seeming lack of confidence in your own abilities. As a young entrepreneur, you are your own self-promoter. One way to practice boosting self confidence is to take ownership for both the things that you do that are successful as well as learning from the mistakes from the endeavors that are not successful.

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Betsy together with his husband’s Dick have been involved in numerous philanthropic projects for much of their lives. They have made numerous contributions to various charities and organizations including religious groups, schools, and orphanages.

Soon after the elections, Trump constituted a cabinet and Betsy’s name was right in it. She was selected and subsequently appointed to the office of the secretary of education. Her appointment had mixed reactions from all quarters. She has been involved in the education sector advocating for reforms and establishment of a good school system. Her love for education issues has not been in her political life only but also in her philanthropy activities.

Born in a family of conservative philanthropists and activists, her love for education sparked at an early age. Betsy attended the Holland Christian high school before proceeding to Calvin College where he graduated with a degree in political science and business. He entered into the political sphere in 1976 working in the campaign team of Gerald Ford. She has been active in politics to date. She has been elected chairman of the Michigan Republican four times in a row.

She married her husband Dick Devos in the 80s, and they have grown to fund their philanthropy activities. Together they have four children and five grandchildren.

In the course of her philanthropy, Betsy and her husband dick have donated millions of shilling towards supporting various activities and organizations. According to their financial tax reports of 2015, Dick and Betsy Devos family foundation dished out over $8 million to various groups. They further promised to give up over $3 million in the future years.

For instance, the foundation in 2015 gave out $400,000 to fund to help CNN anchor Campbell Brown for setting up her educational site. In the same year, the foundation doled out $200,000 to support The Potter’s House, a Christian school in Michigan State. According to her, she and her husband have given out over $200 million worth of donations and grants.

Betsy has also gone further to donate to the Republican Party and their various nominees and members. According to a report by Center for responsible politics, since 1989 Betsy and her family have given at least 20 million in support of the Republican Party activities.

Besides her current role as the secretary of education, Betsy has also served in the position of chairman and member of Board of directors in several institutions. Some of the institutions include; The Wind quest Group, Devos Institute for Arts Management, and Philanthropy Roundtable among others.

So being at the helm of the education sector, Betsy will use it as an opportunity to realize her vision and dream that she has for a long time supported and advocated.


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Detainee Services and Crime Mitigation at Securus Technologies, LLC

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a pioneering company that offer government information management services, Parolee tracking and detainee communication services. The company serve several clients that include 2,600 correctional facilities across 45 states, Canada, Mexico, District of Columbia and over 1 million inmates nationally. Securus is profound in providing innovative, comprehensive and other technical services. The company is primarily concerned with enforcing the law in close collaboration with other legal bodies. Securus is particularly renowned for its vibrant and responsive services to customers.


With its main headquarters in Dallas, Texas Securus Technologies has emerged as one of the leading firms in providing detainee services. Moreover the company has four other regional offices in Dallas and another office in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus offers diversity of services that include: corrections, investigations, criminal and civil technology to ease mitigation of crimes. Technology is central in the prevention and management of crimes at Securus Technologies.


Several clients have mutually expressed their satisfaction of various services provided at Securus. To assure safety and security to its clients, Securus work with experienced officials to manage and solve crimes. The company is also committed in protecting against false accusations. To meet these strategic goals, Securus routinely releases new products and services every week. According to Rick Smith, these array of services are critically important in aiding the law enforcement process.


One correctional facility stated that they are impressed to partner with Securus Technologies in managing crimes. Further, they expressed their satisfaction with various innovative services t provided at Securus. According to the client, safety and security within the correctional facility has progressively increased under the watch of Securus. Additionally, another client noted that has greatly enhanced safety and security by providing investigative tools that come with enhanced capabilities. Finally, Securus Technologies has succeeded in detainee services by utilizing the LBS software and other related resources.