Betsy together with his husband’s Dick have been involved in numerous philanthropic projects for much of their lives. They have made numerous contributions to various charities and organizations including religious groups, schools, and orphanages.

Soon after the elections, Trump constituted a cabinet and Betsy’s name was right in it. She was selected and subsequently appointed to the office of the secretary of education. Her appointment had mixed reactions from all quarters. She has been involved in the education sector advocating for reforms and establishment of a good school system. Her love for education issues has not been in her political life only but also in her philanthropy activities.

Born in a family of conservative philanthropists and activists, her love for education sparked at an early age. Betsy attended the Holland Christian high school before proceeding to Calvin College where he graduated with a degree in political science and business. He entered into the political sphere in 1976 working in the campaign team of Gerald Ford. She has been active in politics to date. She has been elected chairman of the Michigan Republican four times in a row.

She married her husband Dick Devos in the 80s, and they have grown to fund their philanthropy activities.

In the course of her philanthropy, Betsy and her husband dick have donated millions of shilling towards supporting various activities and organizations. According to their financial tax reports of 2015, Dick and Betsy Devos family foundation dished out over $8 million to various groups. They further promised to give up over $3 million in the future years.

For instance, the foundation in 2015 gave out $400,000 to fund to help CNN anchor Campbell Brown for setting up her educational site. In the same year, the foundation doled out $200,000 to support The Potter’s House, a Christian school in Michigan State. According to her, she and her husband have given out over $200 million worth of donations and grants.

Betsy has also gone further to donate to the Republican Party and their various nominees and members. According to a report by Center for responsible politics, since 1989 Betsy and her family have given at least 20 million in support of the Republican Party activities.

Besides her current role as the secretary of education, Betsy has also served in the position of chairman and member of Board of directors in several institutions.

So being at the helm of the education sector, Betsy will use it as an opportunity to realize her vision and dream that she has for a long time supported and advocated.


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  1. Together they have four youngsters and five grandkids. A portion of the establishments incorporate; The Wind journey Group, Devos Institute for Arts Management, and Philanthropy Roundtable among others. It is so cool to know that reviews and that is what they needed to do what they to do.

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