Doe Deere Does Morning Right

Doe Deere is a highly successful female entrepreneur who was able to start her dream business. Doe Deere immigrated to the United States from Russia when she was a teenager. Doe Deere knew that she wanted to get into fashion, so she started her own clothing line after she graduated college. Deere was able to model her clothes and she made good sales on eBay. Deere realized that there was something more that she wanted to do. Since she was always into makeup, Deere started to mix and match makeup to create her own bright and pigmented colors. Doe Deere got encouragement from many people to start her own makeup line. Deere was able to to start Lime Crime cosmetics with a very small budget.

Now, Lime Crime cosmetics is one of the most popular cosmetic lines, and Doe Deere is a huge success in the makeup industry and beyond. Doe Deere talked to Savoir Flair about her morning routine. Since a morning routine has a huge impact on a person’s daily life, Doe Deere tries to keep a healthy morning routine for herself. Doe Deere generally wakes up at 8:30 every day without an alarm clock. It is a pattern that she has set for herself.

Doe Deere is an individual who does not like to exercise much, but she makes it a habit to do her stretches every morning before she starts her day. After she does her stretches, Deere goes into her kitchen to contemplate her morning. Deere makes herself breakfast which generally includes hot cereal, yogurt and some fruit. Doe Deere tries to lay off of her electronic devices during the first part of her morning, but because she is a businesswoman, at times there are things that she has to check up on.

The makeup application is her favorite part of the day. It is the only time when she can spend time alone and take care of her face. After finishing her makeup, Doe Deere gets ready to go to work. Generally, Doe Deere walks into work in the afternoon, and she has meetings with her team. Deere has been able to establish an incredible relaxing routine for herself because she worked hard to get her business to a place where it can move on its own.

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Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere: An Inspiration To Many Women

To Lime Crime cosmetics founder Doe Deere, the brightly colored makeup her company produces represents freedom of expression to her and many others. It’s a symbol of being able to show your colorful self without worrying about how others will judge you. That’s one of the reasons the cosmetics line has been such a big hit. Doe Deere has combined the lessons she’s learned about marketing and style from her careers in fashion and music to help the company succeed. After having lived in New York for 14 years, Doe Deere knows about the power and beauty of making bold fashion statements.


When she wanted to be a fashion designer and models, she studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. When she wanted to be a rock star, she formed a band, recorded albums and did countless shows. When she needed bold, brightly colored makeup and she couldn’t find it, Doe Deere learned how to make it and produced the makeup she wanted herself. The visitors to her online makeup tutorial loved the colors and convinced her to begin marketing the makeup. That’s how Lime Crime cosmetics came into existence.


But marketing played a major role in the company’s success. Doe Deere had learned the importance of marketing when she was selling temporary tattoos to her classmates as a schoolgirl in Russia. She also had a talent for internet marketing and she used it to take Lime Crime to an international audience. And the results have been spectacular. Lime Crime has helped millions of people give expression to their colorful inner selves. The colorful Lime Crime makeup has sparked a movement and helped to give people the tools and inspiration they needed to make a bold, neon-bright fashion statement.


And Doe Deere supports them any way she can. She gives talks on female entrepreneurship all over the country. She also encourages women to contact her for guidance in starting their own companies. She tells them to follow their hearts and make their dreams a reality. It’s a message that resonates with women all over the world and has motivated many of them to live their dreams and believe in themselves.


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