Robert Ivy Honored Because Of His Hard Work

Robert Ivy is quite popular, especially when it comes to the American corporate department. The businessman has been occupying the role of vice president and chief executive officer of a company called American Institute of Architects. Robert landed this prestigious position because of the academic qualifications under his belt. While working in this organization, Robert Ivy tenure has been filled with several activities that have left smiles on the faces of the people in the construction department. Robert understands all of the roles he has to undertake as the chief executive officer of the large professional group, and this is why he has been performing well and showing the company the path to follow.

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The success that has been enjoyed by AIA started when Robert picked his position. According to the businessman, leadership was a role he always looked forward to having, and the appointment came just at the right time. Robert has great skills in literature and architecture. The businessman started his career life by enrolling for a degree in literature just after he had completed his education at the high school level. After the first degree, however, the businessman chose to further his education. This time, he chose to pursue a degree in architecture.

As the chief executive director of the professional organization, Ivy has been given so many responsibilities by his company. Despite the many duties he has to take care of, the businessman has to ensure that the people under his management are happy about their profession. His achievements have made him acquire one of the most respected awards in the country, popularly known as Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement.

The president of AIA has announced his excitement because of the award that have been brought to the company by Robert Ivy. This professional admits that Robert Ivy deserved getting the prestigious award because he has been performing so well in the past. He has never neglected any of the duties the company assigned him. Getting the award will motivate the businessman to work even harder in the coming future. Robert Ivy is also pleased with the new honor. The excited professional says that he did not expect to get the award, but he has received it with open arms. The businessman promised his company that he will be working harder for better achievements in the organization. As the CEO of AIA, the businessman has to safeguard the reputation of the company.


The Influence of Jake Gottlieb at Visium

Jacob Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, New York to Polish immigrants. He began his career in finance while in grade school, trading baseball cards. His father, an economics teacher, recognized his son’s financial gift and set up a trading account for him when he was In seventh grade. After high school, Gottlieb graduated with honors from Brown University with a B.A. in economics. He then went then earned a medical degree from New York University. He even began his residency, but soon decided that he was much for interested in finances.

In 1998 he officially entered the financial profession with a position as a buy-side analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. He says he recognized immediately that his medical learning was helping him since like financial management, the medical profession required much risk management. It was during the time that he was just getting started on Wall Street that he first began professionally involved with Dmitry Balyasny. He worked for Schonfeld Group Holdings and asked Gottlieb to join him as their healthcare trader in 2001.

In 2002 the two left Schonfeld to start their own investment firm. Together they started Balyasny Asset Management. Gottlieb thrived here and by 2004 was its top earner. Gottlieb took a large hand in the firm’s overseeing of the now famous national healthcare reform debate of 2009.

In addition to his professional career in finances, Gottlieb also contributes to several different charities. One of these is Math for America. MfM is a charitable educational program that has been developed in New York City over the past decade. Their main objective is to locate and partner with the best teachers in the New York City area. The organization seeks to heighten their impact on their students. To this end, the offer two scholarships for these teachers throughout the year. One is for young, promising teachers who are just starting their careers. The other is for an experience, accomplished teacher. In this way, MFA’s goal is to change the way the teaching profession is viewed in America. They are now working beyond New York City to influence top teachers across America.

Doe Deere: A Pioneer in the Makeup Industry

Doe Deere founder of the cosmetic company Lime Crime was born and raised in Russia. She moved to New York at age 17 and lived there from 1998-2012. She currently lives in Los Angeles. She feels she has always been ambitious and dreamed of being a musician as a child. When she moved to New York she became a musician. After starting out in music she ventured into makeup. Her musical career helped prepare her for a career in makeup. She first got into business at the age of 13 by selling temporary tattoos. She met her husband when they were in the same musical band together.

She says the best advice she can give to young ambitious women is to follow your dreams and take advantage of your unique talents. Her company Lime Crime became very successful because it focused on bright and unusual colors in makeup that were not being produced by other companies. She feels her line of makeup gives women the power to express themselves. She also majored in fashion design in New York which helped her in the makeup industry.

Lime Crime was founded in 2008. The companies vision is to stay true to their core values while making customers happy. The origin of the company actually started on Ebay when Doe Deere opened an account to model her fashion line and overall look. The biggest success for the company was the introduction of liquid-to-matte lipstick. This new makeup doesn’t crumble or transfer. The entire line of makeup is also certified cruelty free with no animal products by Leaping Bunny, one of the most respected certifiers in the business ( The line is also certified by Vegan. In 2014 the company fell prey to a cyber hackers and unfortunately some customer information was stolen. The hack was not due to any negligence by the company, but they still took full responsibility and worked hard to regain their trust. Despite the setback, the company continues to strive and revolutionize the industry.

Doe Deere frequently speaks at events across the country supporting women owned businesses and entrepreneurs. She is passionate about mentoring and offers women to contact her via Instagram for advice.