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Black Lives Matter is an organization that champions for Black rights. BLM puts a refreshing twist on previous Black liberation movements by placing extra emphasis on demographics within the black community that have been marginalized and set aside by male, cis-gender leaders.

Historically, females, LGBTQ people, disabled people, a mix of the last three things or all of the above have been ignored while cis-gender males took the front seat. However, in the 21st century, it is the time for others in the black community to shine and to be given a chance to show their presence and their voices.

Black Lives Matter actively seeks out news about injustices that have been committed against blacks for racial reasons, and communicates these injustices with the rest of the world so that they are never forgotten. BLM also engages in social justice action to make people aware that, yes, Black lives do matter.

EURO is an organization that is all about the rights of people who are of European descent and identity. The philosophy behind EURO’s existence is that yes, there is discrimination against “whites,” it is wrong and people are needlessly suffering and having their rights impeded upon because of it. The existence and rhetoric of this organization go against the rhetoric of organizations like Black Lives Matter.

This is because according to organizations like Black Lives Matter, there is no such thing as racism against white people; there is only racism against nonwhites, and whites are automatically guilty of racism while nonwhites are automatically the non-racist victims.

In the eyes of organizations like Black Lives Matter, the existence of an organization fighting for the plight of “whites” is invalid, and constitutes as a contemptuous attack of hate against everybody else in the world.

Unidos Us is the new name for the National Council of La Raza. Unidos Us has been around for several decades. It has been fighting for the rights of Hispanic Americans through litigation and social action. This organization has come under fire for the harsh words of some of its members, including it’s founder. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

However, in American society, it would be considered more politically correct for a person to be a part of this organization than for an organization that fights for the plight that EURO fights for. The goal of Unidos Us is to help Hispanic people to achieve in society, and to have their hard-earned achievements recognized. The issues that they take on include health, youth, immigration, voting, economy, criminal justice and civil rights.

Due to injustices that were committed, Maricopa County paid $3.7 million to two men—Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Instead of squandering their money through selfish means, they decided to put their money to the best of use by starting a fund for local civil rights organizations.

The name of this fund is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, and it exists in the border-state of Arizona. The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund focuses on the rights of people in Hispanic communities, as well as the rights of immigrants; though it also focuses on a wider range of issues.

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