Come Work for CTCA to Follow Your Career Path

Come work for CTCA to follow your exciting career path. Cancer Treatment Centers of America currently is hiring in a variety of job sectors. This leader in cancer care offers a more than competitive salary rate and outstanding employee benefits. This healthcare organization allows their employees to move positions in the pursuit of their desired career paths. Many current CTCA employees have been working for the organization for many years. This company encourages their valued employees to continue their education and obtain a higher position in the company if that is what the employee desires. With 5 American based CTCA facilities, there are options in different major cities across the country.

Many get into the oncology field because they, or a close friend or family member, has been touched by a frightening cancer diagnosis. Others simply want to lend their efforts and unique talents in providing the best cancer care that is currently possible. While nursing always has openings as this huge healthcare organization continues to expand, there are also many jobs in other departments as well. These include positions in dietary from nutritionists to kitchen staff, maintenance positions, transportation drivers, research jobs, secretarial and administrative type positions, management staff, laundry, cleaning services and hospitality and patient service positions.

All of these lucrative jobs offer a relaxed work environment where positive attitudes are highly encouraged. This allows individuals to perform their tasks without the undue stress of a negative atmosphere in the work setting. All employees are encouraged to add their input for bettering the patient’s care experience. This constantly improving work environment gives enough challenges to always keep work interesting. The company also offers good healthcare benefits that includes added vision and dental care that other companies might not offer. There are cost-saving retirement plans, as well as employee initiated matched savings plans.

Working with cancer patients is a highly emotional experience that can be incredibly rewarding. Not only the patients, but their friends and families also rely on the staff members and other supportive services for support and help. There are many ways to get into this fast growing field. Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers graduating students various internships and fellowships as a way to easily enter the oncology healthcare field. Clinical doctors, physician assistants, various therapists and other positions can be viewed by accessing the company website. More details on how working for CTCA can benefit your specific employment needs can also be discussed with the company’s friendly human resource department employment recruiters.Knowing that your work is making a huge difference in someone else’s life that is currently in a hard situation gives a lot of job satisfaction. Oncology jobs are a fast-growing employment group.

Austin, Texas’ Medical Savior

Austin, Texas is in the news again, but not just for being the state’s capital city. One of the nation’s leading independent practices of anesthesiology is located right here and it has revolutionized the industry with it’s actions. This organization has been around since 1973 and it has grown into one of the largest independent practices of doctors and nurses who specialize in anesthesia services. Capital Anesthesiology Association is it’s name and providing the very best in anesthesia services is it’s game.

Capital Anesthesiology Association is setting new trends thanks to the wonderful services it offer. Some of the finest doctors and certified registered nurses grace the hallways on a daily basis. These individuals are highly trained and posses the experience that’s needed to get the job done right each and every time. Every clinical staff member here is either board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified. This ensures the general public that they’ll receive the best of care if need be. The organization’s administrative staff is on point as well. this team of professionals can handle all of the billion process for patients, which makes for a much smoother transition.

Capital Anesthesiology Association covers a huge area as up to 20 medical facilities fall under it’s cap. This includes Level 1 Trauma Centers, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, and High Acuity Hospitals.

TX based independent anesthesiology practice