Wes Edens Intends to Grow Its Business and Find Greater Opportunity for Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading private equity firms with its presence all around the world. The company has a lot of investment opportunities for its clients who depend on the company for their investments. Wes Edens is the current President of the company and has been working towards its growth ever since it was set up. He was an excellent student while he was studying at the Oregon State University. After he graduated with a degree in Finance and Business Administration, he quickly secured a job as a partner at the Lehman Brothers. It was here that he learned about investments and gained knowledge about the financial market.

After working at the company for around six years, Wes Edens joined another investment company with the name BlackRock and contributed to its growth. But, he realized that he could use his knowledge and expertise to build something of his own, and it was then he decided to set up Fortress Investment Group. He was joined by four other founders and together created the company in 1998. The company was also the first private equity firm in the financial history of the United States to have its stock traded publicly, and it was one of the top accomplishments for the company.

Wes Edens is responsible for the management of the company, and he does an excellent job. He has formed an open communication culture in the company that allows everyone to be available to everyone in case of a problem. The employees are free to approach the head of the departments as well in case they need assistance. The employees are provided with an opportunity to grow, and their hard work is always recognized. The employees of the company enjoy working in the competitive market where they can learn from the best in the industries.

Wes Edens also has diverse interests and has a varied investment portfolio. Apart from running a successful investment firm, he also has investments in sports teams. He recently invested $2.5 million in buying a team FlyQuest that participates in video gaming competitions. Video gaming has been popular for many years now, but it is only recently that big names in the investment markets have started to invest huge amounts of money in such competitions and to create excellent teams. Wes Edens is hopeful that his team would do great in the upcoming competitions as well.

A Biography Of Peter Briger, Principle of Fortress Investment Group

Peter L Briger, self-made billionaire and co-chair of the prominent wealth management firm Fortress Investment Group has worked hard to get to where he is today. Despite creating his own success, he puts much of his time, money, and energy into philanthropic enterprises.

Where He Came From

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger began his adult life like any other Ivy League coed. With a strong vision for where he wanted to go in life, Briger finished his initial degree at Princeton, before attending the Wharton School of Business and graduating with a hard-won Masters of Business Administration. With his degree fresh in hand, Briger began working at the prestigious Goldman Sachs, where he stayed for 15 years and made partner before turning his attention to the relative newcomer Fortress Investment Group.

Where He’s Going

Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group, where his experience as a partner at a prestigious firm landed him an upper-level management position right out of the gate. It wasn’t long before Briger became a principle and joined the board. In February of 2008 Fortress Investment Group entered the open market, turning it’s principles, including Briger, into billionaires. What sets Peter Briger apart is what he has done with his success. Rather than squandering or hoarding his wealth and power, Briger has been giving it to those in need. He is actively involved in the following philanthropies:

  • The Hospital for Special Surgery- A renowned hospital in New York, and other places, that specializes in orthopedic surgery. They offer generous programs to assist the disadvantaged who need their services.
  • Global Fund For Children- This charity focusses its resources on start-ups and initiatives that will benefit the neediest of children worldwide.
  • Tipping Point- A social justice charity with the drive to help the economically disadvantaged citizens of New York.
  • Caliber Schools- These professionals manage a network of charter schools dedicated to helping students succeed in college and beyond.

Peter Briger and Fortress Investment Group look forward to continuing to grow together, to improve their own fortunes, as well as the fortunes of their communities.

Madison Street Capital’s Positive Reputation Won’t Stop Growing

Madison Street Capital reputation is on the increase by impressing all aspects of the business industry. They specialize in providing expert financial advice to a variety of businesses and their employees all over the globe. Madison Street Capital was co-founded by Anthony Marsala, who won the 40 Under Forty award from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. He’s been showing success in the industry for over 14 years accompanied by a Masters Degree.


In the summer of 2016 MSC received multiple awards that applauded their efforts with mergers, admirable financing, and acquisition or restructuring deals. January of 2017, in competition against over 200 other companies, they were awarded the Turnaround Award which praises their success in restructuring deal valued below a whopping $25 million dollars. In the early portion of 2017 MSC had the opportunity to assist with merging DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. They will be working together to help improve a variety of software support and analysis assistance. Shortly thereafter they were appointed the sole advisor for ARES Security Corporation to assist with an expenditure related to subordinated debt and minority recapitalization.


MSC also values the wellbeing of people around the globe; in 2011 they donated a considerable amount of funds towards the disasters caused by weather on the Eastern and Midwestern portion of the US. Their funds were mostly contributed to responsible nonprofits like the American Red Cross and United Way.


MSC has been working with a variety of industries providing expert advice and guidance since 2005. Through years of hard work and determination, they have come to understand the unique needs and demands of each individual client. They service their clients as a middle market investment banking firm and have the ability to provide financing options, valuation for financial reporting, business valuations, and corporate advice.


MSC has proven they have what it takes to provide the finest merger and acquisition advisory services available. Their first step in providing first-class service is by taking the time to truly understand the value of the company they will be working with. By taking time out to understand their client they are better able to create an accurate definition of the company’s current state and all the future opportunities that will lay ahead.


Offices are located in North America, Africa, and Asia; this allows MSC to provide valuation services both domestically and internationally. They are well versed in independence as well, which sets them far apart from other businesses in their industry.


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