Cotemar – the Best Service and Product Provider to Gas and Oil Companies in Mexico

Cotemar S.A is an important company based in Mexico and focuses on providing products and services to Oil and Gas industry. The company is committed to generating new business opportunities and integration of people talents. Cotemar was started in 1979 and is headquartered in Ciudad Carmen Campeche, Mexico.


Among the services provided by Cotemar Company are offshore maintenance, offshore construction, using specialized vessels, and providing quality safety services. The company provides services under three broad categories.


The first category is in construction, maintenance of modern developments. The company tries to be innovative according to the client’s needs. They do offshore installations right from initiation to commissioning of the projects.


Secondly, Cotemar Company provides Specialized Marine Support Boats that offer transportation of personnel and light materials. They also transport Oil and liquids extracted from platforms. Their firefighting vessels and tow ships transport large structures that are needed for exploitation of hydrocarbons. These vessels are installed with inspection and monitoring gadgets and personnel so as to ensure maximum safety.


The third category of service provided by Cotemar is Food and Lodging Services in the ships, boats and all platforms they provide. In each stateroom of the platforms, services of food preparation, laundry, and ironing are provided.


Cotemar conducts all its marine operations within strict regulatory and management control. The company is ISO certified and ensures quality management of the products and services they offer. The company procures from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) therefore maintaining high standards.


The company adheres to the international code of protection of Ships and port facilities, which is a requirement by all maritime organizations for establishing a cooperation framework for detecting threats so that they take preventive measures.


Working for Cotemar is golden lifetime chance. The company recognizes that its employees are human beings and treat them with respect. The company values integrity and innovation. They give employees a chance to express their views and give insights on how to advance.


Cotemar offers a lifetime opportunity of spending in the water enjoying every day’s breeze.  The employees are given time to relax and have a scenic view of the ocean and the natural world. The company recruits people with best skills without any discrimination. They take care of all the medical checkups before some are recruited.


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