Cotemar Provides Optimum Petroleum Drilling Services

Cotemar is a subcontractor for multinational petroleum corporations, employing personnel in verticals as diverse as food service and housing, and other services tailored towards their contractors needs. In addition to their human capital, they also provide seagoing vessels to improve the efficiency of their partners, like diving and cleaning ships.

Employment estimates are season, but traditionally Cotemar is a mid-to-large sized company, with 5000+ employees. Cotemar’s fleet includes stationary rigs for offshore drilling and the improvements thereof, transportation to and from these locations, as well as cleaning services.

As such, Cotemar is a private contractor of the Pemex Corporation, a Mexican state-run consolidated oil enterprise. In addition to a bevy of employment options for blue collar jobs, Cotemar offers both skilled architectural and white collar jobs, like financial assistant and human capital resources. Employees in middle management report a good outlook for their firm, and traditionally approve of the management’s choices.

While Cotemar is less known outside of Mexico, it is competitive and comparable in size and scale to many well-known firms within the industry, such as Valero and Chesapeake Energy. Like most multinational companies, Cotemar follows a strict code of ethics and corporate responsibility tenets, as well as philanthropic outreach within the locale which Cotemar resides. Learn more about Cotemar: and

According to employee reports, compensation packages are commensurate or higher with positions offered elsewhere in Mexico, with a lower cost of living. Cotemar representatives are available at worldwide conferences to do discuss subcontracting needs for the petroleum engineering industry, or their need for new employees searching for work in the field.

All in all, Cotemar is a subcontractor that does it all, from constructing entire drilling platforms and then providing continuous care of these facilities, as well as employees to maintain and service the rigs once built. Cotemar takes care of resupply chains, emergency services, repairs and every aspect of each project’s individualized needs. As such, it is a turnkey operation division of the large Pemex corporation, despite not being directly affiliated.