Betsy together with his husband’s Dick have been involved in numerous philanthropic projects for much of their lives. They have made numerous contributions to various charities and organizations including religious groups, schools, and orphanages.

Soon after the elections, Trump constituted a cabinet and Betsy’s name was right in it. She was selected and subsequently appointed to the office of the secretary of education. Her appointment had mixed reactions from all quarters. She has been involved in the education sector advocating for reforms and establishment of a good school system. Her love for education issues has not been in her political life only but also in her philanthropy activities.

Born in a family of conservative philanthropists and activists, her love for education sparked at an early age. Betsy attended the Holland Christian high school before proceeding to Calvin College where he graduated with a degree in political science and business. He entered into the political sphere in 1976 working in the campaign team of Gerald Ford. She has been active in politics to date. She has been elected chairman of the Michigan Republican four times in a row.

She married her husband Dick Devos in the 80s, and they have grown to fund their philanthropy activities.

In the course of her philanthropy, Betsy and her husband dick have donated millions of shilling towards supporting various activities and organizations. According to their financial tax reports of 2015, Dick and Betsy Devos family foundation dished out over $8 million to various groups. They further promised to give up over $3 million in the future years.

For instance, the foundation in 2015 gave out $400,000 to fund to help CNN anchor Campbell Brown for setting up her educational site. In the same year, the foundation doled out $200,000 to support The Potter’s House, a Christian school in Michigan State. According to her, she and her husband have given out over $200 million worth of donations and grants.

Betsy has also gone further to donate to the Republican Party and their various nominees and members. According to a report by Center for responsible politics, since 1989 Betsy and her family have given at least 20 million in support of the Republican Party activities.

Besides her current role as the secretary of education, Betsy has also served in the position of chairman and member of Board of directors in several institutions.

So being at the helm of the education sector, Betsy will use it as an opportunity to realize her vision and dream that she has for a long time supported and advocated.


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What George Soros Wants To Do Next

The Smear Campaign Of The Right

The Right has tried to portray George Soros as some sort of super villain for year.s They have claimed he has plans for world domination and they have accused him of trying to undermine the American way of life by promoting progressive policies. These criticisms would have led many others to simply avoid politics altogether, but Soros has decided he wants to continue to fight for the Left. He even understands everything that he needs to do may not always be agreed with, but someone needs to do it.

What He Plans To Do About It

George Soros has currently stated that his goal is to give the American Left and the European Left help themselves fight against the recent gains that have allowed the Right to return to power. So far, he isn’t alone in this sentiment and there are many out there who would like to follow his example and place themselves in a position to help with these causes. Beyond his own efforts to make things better he has also given his opinion on Trump and what he believes need to be done to make sure that Trump does not undo the progressive legacy.

His Thoughts On Donald Trump

Donald Trump and George Soros do not see eye to eye on so many issues. Soros has compared Donald Trump to fascists from the early 20th century and wants to do what he can to stop his agenda. So far, he has managed to do exactly what he can to stop Trump, but there still a long road ahead. Read this story about George at

He Continues To Fight To This Day

George Soros continues to fight against Donald Trump with the help of Democrats. To aid him in his quest he also looking for the help of donors who want to support his cause. This isn’t an easy fight he’s preparing for, but it is one of the most important he’s going to be fighting for years to come. George Soros wants to make sure that the progress he’s fought for doesn’t fade away. This is the first step towards doing so.

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About George Soros

George Soros has done just about everything he can to promote open societies and social justice across the world. His plans have often put him at odds with others who oppose these goals, but he continues to pursue them and has made concerted efforts to encourage others to follow suit. Thanks to his efforts you can find countless examples of people lifting themselves out of poverty across the world. He continues to do so despite the personal challenges that he often seems to experience.

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An In-Depth Look at Dick DeVos Career and Philanthropy

Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos has been participating in philanthropic activities for a couple of years. It is estimated that the couple’s foundation has donated over$ 139 million in their lifetime. However, according to Forbes, the family has given more than just $139 million. Forbes estimated their lifetime giving to be at $1.33 billion, which is almost a quarter of their $5.2 billion fortune. The DeVoses are ranked among the top American givers. In 2015, the family donated $11.6 million in various charity giving.


Donation to the Education Sector


The family began donating to the education system to help out kids who grew in the wrong ZIP codes access the American education. Although the family is criticized for their huge donations, Dick remains unmoved by the critics and believes that donating to the education sector has always been aimed at improving the education system to meet the American dream. Dick further argues that although there are highly talented educators and administrators in the United States, the poor system of education doesn’t allow them to reach all the children effectively.


Other Sectors


Arts and culture come second to the DeVos list of donations. This sector accounts for 21% of their lifetime charitable giving. The couple is known to give what they believe would make a change in the society. One of the significant funding in the sector was $ 22 million donated to launch the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, which is based at the University of Maryland. Dick said that he felt that a high-quality management was essential for the future of a community with diverse art. Other sectors that have benefited from DeVos philanthropy include civic and community at 16%, leadership, and development at 13%, public policy at 12%, health at 5% ad churches at 4%.


Dick DeVos Work History


Dick DeVos began his career in 1974 at the Amway Corporation, a company founded by his father, Dick DeVos. At Amway Corporation, Dick held various positions and was actively involved in running most of the activities at the firm. In 1984, he was promoted to become the vice president of the company. His responsibilities were to oversee the company’s operation in over 18 nations.


During this time he gained a lot of experience that enabled him to start his firm, Windquest Group in 1989. Two years later, his father appointed him to manage the NBA’s Orlando Magic Basket Franchise. In 1993 he returned to Amway Corporation as the president. During his tenure as the president, DeVos restructured the firm making it expand its operations to over 50 countries.




Dick DeVos Makes Giving Popular

In a recent interview between Betsy DeVos and Philanthropy Roundtable, an interesting discussion was provided on the subject of education. The interview included numerous topics related to education and the educational system. The topics approached the subject of education from a broad perspective. Betsy DeVos conducted herself well during the interview. The questions that were asked by Philanthropy Roundtable were difficult to answer in a few short sentences. Therefore, Betsy DeVos was able to provide answers that offered a thoughtful yet firm view of education related to the particular questions.


Betsy DeVos cares for children and wants to help people in general. This combination has made her a proud advocate of children regarding the educational system. Mrs. DeVos points at various times during the interview that the educational system has areas that should be changed for the benefit of children. Mrs. DeVos understands how the system works and what problems results from the current state of the educational system. In the end, Betsy DeVos just wants what is best for the children and their parents regardless of money, wealth, or social status.


I feel that Betsy DeVos did a great job expression herself during the interview. From her answers and position on many of the questions, she was able to point out what she perceives as needs that should be addressed regarding the educational system.


Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos. Mr. DeVos is currently the President of The Windquest Group. He has also served in key executive positions with the Orlando Magic and Amway. Dick DeVos is known as a hard working individual who gives of himself. He demonstrates giving through his leadership style and also his charitable efforts.


With the same effort that he gives as an executive, Dick DeVos gives the same effort with the giving of his time and money to causes such as helping to revamp the downtown area in the city where he resides. In addition, Dick DeVos understands that leadership and teamwork are needed in charitable efforts in the same manner as professional efforts.


This is why he has assisted and continues to assist with projects that help people but need strong leadership. Some of these projects include developing a medical school, developing a heart hospital, and developing a convention center.


Dick DeVos has proven to be a successful leader as an executive and as an individual working to help others through community initiatives, his charitable organizations, other people charitable organizations, and just helping people that he sees in need.