Jason Hope: The Successful Use of IOT in Airlines

Much like many industries within the United States, the airline system is an ever-evolving entity with constant fluctuations in rules or regulations. Technology, too, changes within the system to make the entire air travel process a little bit easier on those who have decided to utilize it. Jason Hope, as a massively successful technology guru and extremely capable futurists, has taken the time to look at some of the changes that are happening within the airline industry. While there are big changes happening in the United States, the evolving nature of technology in this industry is not necessarily limited to America.

“Tapping in: Jason Hope Reveals How IOT Is Revamping the Airline Industry” is an article presented on WingsJournal.com about some of Jason Hope’s recent predictions on this industry. On par with what he has said in the past, the industry is already in the process of revamping its technology systems. There is a major push for technology because of the implications that it can have for safety. With so many people concerned about the safety of air travel, airlines are looking for ways to track some of the mechanisms and tools that are available while in flight. They can do this by using beacons, which are designed to continuously monitor the condition of things like toolboxes or lifejackets that may be necessary for use in an emergency.

Jason Hope takes specific pleasure in the implementation of IOT devices because he believes so firmly in the technology and its growth pattern. He wants people to understand that the IOT is already something that is very ingrained in society. Anytime you use anything that is capable of connecting to the Internet and transmitting data, it is in IOT device. These IOT devices are now being used in airlines to help increase things like safety.

One of the things that make Jason Hope such an expert when it comes to technology is his continued success in the field. He manages an extensive portfolio of very successful companies, he is published many articles on future technologies, he has written books and made accurate predictions about future technological uses. He knows that this new step within the travel industry is simply one of many that are going to be taken in recent years. With 37% taking steps now and 58% of airlines looking at changes in the future, it’s safe to say that IOT is going to be a major part of travel in the future.

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Bob Reina: You Deserve More

When it comes to your life, you deserve more. A lot of people are afraid to say that out loud, but it is true. People do deserve more than what they have been given so far in life. However, maybe they were raised to be too polite and not to ask for more. While there is not a single thing wrong with being polite and kind to others, it is important to go for what you want in life and sometimes it might mean you have to push it a little bit. Now, I’m not saying you need to be a jerk or rude to anyone out there. I’m just saying you need to go after what you deserve and what you need to be happy. In most cases, this involves someone’s career.


They need to stand up and say, “I’m not going to settle for less out of life. I know my value, and I deserve more.” It starts with having a backup plan. Since bills need to be paid and food needs to be put on the table, it is never a good idea to up and quit your job without having a backup plan. You need to have what they call a side hustle nowadays. It is a job that helps you earn extra income while also attending the job you have at the moment. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bob-reina-talk-fusion-ceo-returns-as-guest-author-to-martech-advisor-300411047.html


Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, knew he needed a backup plan when it was time to leave behind law enforcement. He had put a lot of years into it and it meant a lot to him, but he wanted to enter a new arena in the workplace. He likes a challenge, and he likes to inspire people. He is big on making people’s dreams come true. He has gone on record in saying his payment is when he finds out that people’s dreams have come true by using Talk Fusion, the all-in-one video technology service.


It has really grown over the past few years, and it has people wondering what is next and where the company can go from here. The sky is the limit with Bob Reina in charge and his brilliant IT team. The same logic applies to each and every single person out there. The sky is the limit for them when they go after what they know is in their heart and they don’t settle for anything less than what they deserve.