Doe Deere: A Pioneer in the Makeup Industry

Doe Deere founder of the cosmetic company Lime Crime was born and raised in Russia. She moved to New York at age 17 and lived there from 1998-2012. She currently lives in Los Angeles. She feels she has always been ambitious and dreamed of being a musician as a child. When she moved to New York she became a musician. After starting out in music she ventured into makeup. Her musical career helped prepare her for a career in makeup. She first got into business at the age of 13 by selling temporary tattoos. She met her husband when they were in the same musical band together.

She says the best advice she can give to young ambitious women is to follow your dreams and take advantage of your unique talents. Her company Lime Crime became very successful because it focused on bright and unusual colors in makeup that were not being produced by other companies. She feels her line of makeup gives women the power to express themselves. She also majored in fashion design in New York which helped her in the makeup industry.

Lime Crime was founded in 2008. The companies vision is to stay true to their core values while making customers happy. The origin of the company actually started on Ebay when Doe Deere opened an account to model her fashion line and overall look. The biggest success for the company was the introduction of liquid-to-matte lipstick. This new makeup doesn’t crumble or transfer. The entire line of makeup is also certified cruelty free with no animal products by Leaping Bunny, one of the most respected certifiers in the business ( The line is also certified by Vegan. In 2014 the company fell prey to a cyber hackers and unfortunately some customer information was stolen. The hack was not due to any negligence by the company, but they still took full responsibility and worked hard to regain their trust. Despite the setback, the company continues to strive and revolutionize the industry.

Doe Deere frequently speaks at events across the country supporting women owned businesses and entrepreneurs. She is passionate about mentoring and offers women to contact her via Instagram for advice.

Whitney Wolfe Expands Bumble

Whitney Wolfe the founder and CEO of Bumble App has taken the notch even higher. She has decided to open a trendy physical space in New York in the near future. The pop-up location will be called Hive and it will be installed for a month to allow physical dates. The people who only chatted using Bumble App will now have a chance to finally met. The Hive is open for all people to hang out, soak and relax in the Bumble Brand.

The Hive
The establishment of a physical location is the dating App’s attempt to formalize the community formed by the App over the years. Although in the past dating Apps are considered taboo by many people, Bumble has proven different for it’s not only used for dating but also for friendship and career purposes. In an interview, Whitney Wolfe indicated that the App is something that people are proud to be associated with. The App will also use the physical meetings to expand to Bumble Bizz, which refers to the attempt of the App to expand to business related purposes. The extension will focus on professional advancement, as when people of similar career meet they are able to sort problems that are rampant in their various fields.

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The Hive will be open all around the week for couples to meet and friends to stop by. The site will also have events that are focused on female entrepreneurship and relationships among other topics. Forbes will host a mentor section that will allow people to mingle. Drybar will also hold style sessions.

About Whitney Wolfe
Focus and determination are Whitney Wolfe’s middle names. She thrives in excellence. Whitney Wolfe has been named top thirty under 30 in many lists, among them Forbes and Business Insider. Albeit Whitney Wolfe is young, she focuses on settling the female issues in the society.

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Hall Capital’s Helane Morrison Protects Client’s Assets

After the collapse of the economy in 2008, which lead to the Great Recession, people lost their faith in the stock market and investing and withdrew their money out of fear of losing their life savings. Hall Capital Partners LLC are working to establish credibility in the financial industry by utilizing Helane Morrison, their Chief Compliance Officer whom addresses the issues of the past and enforces regulatory compliance, and promotes honesty, ethics, and accountability in all of the company’s financial dealings. Morrison’s mission is to ensure every investment Hall Capital makes for their client is solid and secure. She has the skills and experience needed to make her Compliance Department dependable and ethical.
Prior to joining the firm in 2007, she was the San Francisco Regional Director for the Securities and Exchange Commission, which regulates all securities and investments and protects investors from fraud. She held this position for eight years after serving another two as the Head of Enforcement, where she was in charge of making sure all laws were enforced. During her time as Regional Director of the SEC, she handled such prominent cases involving fraud from executives of high profile companies such as Google, HBO, and Hewlett-Packard.
This experience has made Helane Morrison a valuable asset to Hall Capital. She ensures that their clients will be protected by an assertive, sharp minded compliance officer who possesses a great deal of experience in dealing with people who try to deceive investors. She knows how to protect clients and investors as well as how to handle any issues that may arise, quickly and efficiently.
Helane Morrison has worked as Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital for nine years. Prior to working for Hall Capital Partners, LLC, she was employed as the Regional Director for the San Francisco office of the SEC.

Morrison received her bachelor degree in Journalism, and received her J.D. from the University of California Berkeley’s School of Law, where she held the position as Editor-In-Chief of the California Law Review. She occasionally speaks on the topics of compliance and securities law issues and regulations and is a board member of the Regional Parks Foundation and on the Hedge Fund Subcommittee for the American Bar Association.