Detainee Services and Crime Mitigation at Securus Technologies, LLC

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a pioneering company that offer government information management services, Parolee tracking and detainee communication services. The company serve several clients that include 2,600 correctional facilities across 45 states, Canada, Mexico, District of Columbia and over 1 million inmates nationally. Securus is profound in providing innovative, comprehensive and other technical services. The company is primarily concerned with enforcing the law in close collaboration with other legal bodies. Securus is particularly renowned for its vibrant and responsive services to customers.


With its main headquarters in Dallas, Texas Securus Technologies has emerged as one of the leading firms in providing detainee services. Moreover the company has four other regional offices in Dallas and another office in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus offers diversity of services that include: corrections, investigations, criminal and civil technology to ease mitigation of crimes. Technology is central in the prevention and management of crimes at Securus Technologies.


Several clients have mutually expressed their satisfaction of various services provided at Securus. To assure safety and security to its clients, Securus work with experienced officials to manage and solve crimes. The company is also committed in protecting against false accusations. To meet these strategic goals, Securus routinely releases new products and services every week. According to Rick Smith, these array of services are critically important in aiding the law enforcement process.


One correctional facility stated that they are impressed to partner with Securus Technologies in managing crimes. Further, they expressed their satisfaction with various innovative services t provided at Securus. According to the client, safety and security within the correctional facility has progressively increased under the watch of Securus. Additionally, another client noted that has greatly enhanced safety and security by providing investigative tools that come with enhanced capabilities. Finally, Securus Technologies has succeeded in detainee services by utilizing the LBS software and other related resources.


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