Former Israeli Ambassador to Britain Stood-Up to MP George Galloway’s Hatred of Israel

From 2011 to 2014 Daniel Taub was Isreal’s Ambassador to Britain. As his time in Britain was drawing to a close Member of Parliament from West Bradford George Galloway declared his city an “Isreal Free Zone”. Isreali products and citizens were to be unwelcome in Bradford. During the diatribe declaring the “Isreal Free Zone,” Galloway referred to Isreal as an “…an illegal…and savage state…”

Now former Ambassador Taub is British by birth. In 1989 Daniel Taub left what he described as “exile” in England and immigrated to Isreal. Still, his appreciation to his native country for all that it had provided him never wavered. He viewed his ambassadorship as a way to serve both countries by working to strengthen ties between the two nations. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

The West Yorkshire Police launched an investigation into whether or not Galloway’s remarks constituted hate speech. The matter was ultimately referred to the Crown Prosecutions Service. Despite there being plenty of witnesses to the comments made by Galloway no charges were filed for lack of evidence. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

MP Galloway regularly rails against Isreal. He has publicly blamed Isreal for supplying Al-Qaeda with chemical weapons and orchestrating strife in Ukraine. Despite his remarks having been immortalized on tape Galloway later denied making them.

In February of 2013, Galloway refused to debate Eylon Aslan-Levy. Isreali withdrawal from the West Bank was the topic of the debate. Upon learning the Levy was Isreali Galloway refused to continue the debate declaring, “…I don’t debate Israelis.”

Daniel Taub responded to the “Isreal Free Zone” by accepting an invitation from civic, political, and religious leaders in Bradford to visit the area. While in Bradford Taub emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence between people of all races, colors, and creeds. He also concluded that Galloway’s attitude towards Isreal was not those of the average citizen of Bradford.

Two years after immigrating Taub joined the Isreali Foreign Ministry. The Oxford and Harvard educated expert in international law, counter-terrorism, and laws governing warfare was made the ministry’s Principal Deputy Legal Advisor.

When Isreal’s security barrier was the subject of hearings in the International Court of Justice Daniel Taub was present as an observer on behalf of Isreal.

He was responsible for getting a 70-year ban lifted that excluded Isreal’s Red Cross Society from becoming part of the International Red Cross. After the Gaza flotilla incident, Daniel Taub represented Isreal during the UN hearings addressing the incident.