How Sweetgreen Is Defining The Future Of Fast Food

The Georgetown Surprise

After graduating fro Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru wanted to start his own business. With the help of his college buddies he created Sweetgreen. Focusing on providing customers with healthy but quickly prepared food, Sweetgreen took off as an overnight success. Today, there are Sweetgreen franchise locations in more than 40 places in America. The future of fast food is here, and it is healthier and more nutritious than anyone would have imagined.



The Green Revolution In Food

The core of Sweetgreen is providing customers with the healthiest food possible. There is a serious health epidemic in America today and the fast food industry is playing an unfortunately large part. Ru wants to change this by changing the way we think of fast food.  Nathaniel Ru didn’t create Sweetgreen for the purpose of generating the greatest profit. He wanted to head a revolution in the way we think of our food.



Fighting For A Bigger Cause

An extension of his ambitions for Sweetgreen are found in the Sweetlife music festival. At this event, customers of Sweetgreen can enjoy their favorite music and help fight important social causes. Millennials are one of the most socially conscious generations America has seen in decades. Millennials participate in philanthropy at a rate far greater than past generations and allow this to leak into other areas of their life. Ru is himself a Millennial and naturally reflects these values in the way he operates his business. Millennials have already changed so much about our society and this isn’t an exception to that rule.



Millennials Are Shaping The Future

The work Nathaniel Ru is doing at Sweetgreen is changing the way America thinks of fast food. This isn’t one of the easiest ambitions he could’ve picked after college, but it is one of the most pithy. From the revenue Sweetgreen produces it looks as if this is paying off. Sweetgreen has generated nearly $100 million in revenue over the course of its 10 year life thanks to the interest investors have taken in promoting the franchise. The Georgetown School of Business is well known for the success stories it tends to produce. Nathaniel Ru embodies everything the university teaches.


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