Mike Baur Inspires the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship can be hectic especially in its early stages. Young and fresh inventors go through a lot when trying to establish a base for the business. They require successful business persons to guide them through the journey and advice them accordingly. Mike Baur is a founding member of Swiss Start-up Factory. He is also a managing partner whose task involves looking for investors and fundraising for the different start-ups under their management. Swiss Start-up Factory is a privately funded business accelerator in Switzerland. They take fresh innovators and entrepreneurs under their wing and help them navigate through the rough and challenging terrain of the business world. Entrepreneurs are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge through seminars where they meet other successful business leaders.

Through Mike Baur’s leadership, Swiss Start-up Factory is providing a platform through which ideas and innovations develop into globally recognized companies. Companies that in a few years to come, will have the capability of challenging existing services and products. The young entrepreneurs go through a three-month-long accelerator program where they are furnished on the basic principles of any business and how to manage risks and opportunities. These are achieved through, coaching, mentoring, and networking with other entrepreneurs in Switzerland and around the globe. The business students attend lessons on bookkeeping, cash flow reports, invoice management, and payroll management. After training, the inventors are granted with office space to start operations where they are briefly monitored for three months before been allowed to operate independently.

Mike Baur’s passion and love for finance and banking started in his teenage years. He attended Bern University of Applied Science for both his Bachelor of Science, Finance, and Banking and an executive MBA. Mike Baur started his journey in the finance industry as a novice at UBS Management. Through hard work, determination and impressing his employers by producing results, Mike circumnavigated the Swiss banking world for two decades. He held various executive positions in the major banks of Switzerland including at Clariden Leu. In 2014, Mike Baur quit the banking sector to focus on his new-found passion for assisting young tech innovators. Together with his former college buddies, Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, they formed Swiss Start-up Factory. The company has overseen the creation of very successful businesses in Switzerland and the world. Mike Baur spends most of his time inspiring and supporting the youth in their different business endeavors.