Squaw Valley Clarifies Water Quality Issue

Squaw Valley issued a statement in response to the water contamination that occurred in October of 2016. In October, an unusually heavy rainstorm overran the water collection system. The system was new and installed at High Camp and Gold Coast. During testing of the water coliform and E.Coli were detected and Squaw Valley promptly notified Placer County officials and hired water expert consultants. At no time was the public exposed to the contaminated water. The water systems at those locations were the only ones affected by the contamination.


Squaw Valley’s Prompt Safety Response

The resort closed restaurants and provided bottled water to guests and employees as a result of the contamination. The locations will not return to normal water usage until the water is certified safe by the county and other water experts.


E.coli and Coliform Facts

E.coli is a bacteria that occurs in the digestive tracts of humans and animals. People infected by E.coli usually suffered from intestinal discomfort and diarrhea. The bacteria is rarely severe and will usually go away on its own. The usual treatment is rest and drinking water.

Coliform bacteria are a good indication that drinking water is contaminated. When detected, scientists treat it as a sign of contamination. They work to locate the contamination, testing for bacteria in water is expensive and challenging. But, testing for coliform is rather inexpensive and easy. It’s usually one of the first bacteria experts check for when examining water.

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  1. Skiing conditions or accessibility wasn’t affected at all by the water situation, and Squaw Valley reiterated its commitment to the safety of their guests. It takes time for writing of cv to understand what is really going on.

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