Urban Warfare Is Being Controlled By Ronald Fowlkes with The Hope To Stop It All

In a world where there is so much hate and crime, there needs to be good people helping to make the world a better place. One of those people who is working hard to ensure that they are doing their part is Ronald Fowlkes. Once a marine who returned from war and decided to put his energy into using his business knowledge and savvy ways to help bring peace to areas that have otherwise been under urban warfare.


Upon his discharge from the Marine Corps, Ronald headed back to St. Louis to serve on the police force as an active SWAT team member. It is during this time frame that Ronald helped to secure areas which have been heavily guarded by active gang members. With his help, a large number of homes have been searched for drugs or any other kind of illegal activities going on.


During the 1990’s, Ronald led a rebellion force across the city streets to help bring down the gang members who were causing trouble for the citizens. During this time, Ronald was determined to help others overcome their fears by helping to put a stop to all violence going on around him.


By the time the year 2000 came around, Ronald was headed back to Iraq but not to serve in the Marine Corps. This time around, Ronald went on to serve as the contractor of JIEDDO. The Joint Improvised Explosive Device organization was created to help those in the country to be more secure due to the removal of many weapons and leaders who recruit others to do their work. Not only did this serve as his purpose, but so is business development. That is why he decided to once again remind others about the problems that they are faced with.


Ronald holds a position at Eagle Industries that places him in charge of the various tools and products that are promoted to the law enforcement brigade. He has led the team and helped to train some of the best within sales as well as promoting. The experience he has left others with is the ability to be completely hands on in everything that they offer within the business as well as helping others to be at the top of their own fields within the business.


Ronald is trying to make sure that while he is in charge of keeping others safe, that his tactical knowledge is used to help others be in control while dealing with hostile crowds. It has been useful for his military training to help him along the way. Because of Ronald, there is far less urban warfare then there was last week and even more than there was the week before that.