Your Kids Key To Success: Rocketship Education

Today, literally thousands of parents are completely disgusted with the type of education that their kids receive in school. Some state that the kids do not receive an adequate education to survive in today’s modern world. This is especially true for kids that are in the low income bracket and attend schools that do not have the resources or teachers to adequately prepare them for future education. However, Rocketship Education is striving to change that fact. Rocketship Education is a charter school that is based in Redwood, California.

Rocketship Education

The charter school first opened their doors back in 2007 in San Jose, California. The school quickly demonstrated that their innovative techniques were helping to improve the test scores for students from lower income districts. The praise and recognition for the schools excellent testing scores led to the charter school expanding and they opened several more charter schools in San Jose over the next several years.

Rocketship Schools

Rocketship is on a mission to enhance the potential of every child that attends their non-profit charter school. This is a mission that sets the school apart from a number of other public schools, whose mission is basically to move the kids through the system quickly without much regard to their education or potential. The non-profit charter school achieves their noble mission by only hiring the best educators that motivate students to achieve their full potential.

A Different Approach To Education

The Rocketship Schools have a very different approach to education. The school believes in educating the entire child. Their aim is to promote the core goals into the child’s total learning process at their schools. The core values promoted by the school include resistance, empathy, responsibility, and respect. The schools also promote other courses of learning that include the Humanities and STEM subjects.

It is also a very inspiring fact that the Rocketship Schools are heavily involved with the local community. In fact, Rocketship Teachers interact with the parents on a personal basis to help the parent get really involved with their child’s learning process and education in the Rocketship school system.

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